Big Brother 20 Episode 24 Recap: Fessy Wins First HOH

Each week’s live evictions in the Big Brother 20 house have one theme in common and have all season long which is BLINDSIDE.  We have certainly seen our far share of these over the last 61 days of the houseguests sequestered inside the Big Brother house.  This past episode we watched as another member of the Hive alliance walked out the door shocked, dazed, and confused by what just happened to them.  The last casualty, Rockstar Lantry, really thought she had a chance to stay in the house, but Level 6 had other plans.

Big Brother 20 HOH Competition

At best, with only 2-3 members of the Hive alliance left in the house, Level 6 could start picking them off one-by-one.  Unless they are able to launch a monumental comeback starting with a Head of Household win tonight.  Simply said, either Fayshal Shafaat or Scottie Salton must win the next HOH to protect what’s left of their alliance.  Being that Haleigh Broucher was HOH last week, she’s not an option plus she let one of her own alliance members walk out the door under her reign.  Not a great sign of a well constructed HOH week in terms of Big Brother history.

Head of Household Competition

We pick up right where we left off last episode with the start of the HOH competition.  The houseguests will compete against each other for this week’s power in the slip’n slide endurance competition where the players must transfer a small amount off goop each trip across their slippery slope until their container is full.  The first houseguest to fill their container wins the HOH.  They also have the option to fill an alternative container where the first to fill up will win $5,000.  Where off to the races…

Big Brother 20 HOH

Fessy is off to a great start with Tyler Crispin and Scottie right behind him.  Fessy leading this comp is pretty surprising considering his size.  For a big boy, he’s got a pretty good sense of balance on this slippery track.  However, JC Moundiux, who you would expect to do great at this competition due to his short stature, is in a dismal last place.  He has already acknowledged that he has no chance of winning the comp and has opted to go for the cash prize.

Big Brother 20 HOH

After just over 15 minutes into this endurance competition, Fessy has won this week’s HOH competition.  Scottie shares in the diary room how happy he is with a Fessy win so he will be safe from going on the block.  In contrast, Tyler isn’t so thrilled as Level 6 will have another uphill battle this week in the Big Brother house.

Live Eviction Aftermath

Another member of the Hive is out the door.  Only one vote was cast to keep Rockstar in the Big Brother house.  Being that the Hive expected enough votes to keep Rockstar and evict Kaycee Clark, a tally of the houseguest’s votes will surely be in order.  We know that Scottie was the lone vote for Rockstar to stay.  Will he reveal his vote or will other’s possibly try and take credit for his loyalty to the Hive?

Haleigh and Scottie have a private conversation about him casting the only vote to keep Rockstar in the Big Brother house.  Haleigh wants to make sure Fessy is aware of this info so Scottie can be used on their side of the house.  However, JC and Tyler crafted a plan to convince Fessy that Brett Robinson was the sole vote to keep Rockstar.  This plan was devised just to  throw Scottie under the bus and make Fessy believe he was the one that flipped the vote this week.

Apparently their plan is working like a gem.  Haleigh tries to convince Fessy that Scottie was the only one to vote for Rockstar, but Fessy isn’t hearing it.  He doesn’t trust Scottie at all.  Scottie’s history of vote flipping this summer is not helping his case right now with assuring Fessy that he can trust Scottie.  Fessy may even target Scottie this week for eviction.  Could the Hive be so dumb as to nominate one of their own few remaining players to the block for eviction?  Apparently, they can.

‘Operation Blame Scottie’ is underway.  JC planted the seed with Fessy that Brett was the lone vote to keep Rockstar in the house.  In addition, JC told Fessy that Scottie is after him because of Haleigh…Scottie wants Haleigh all to himself.  Unfortunately, Fessy seemed to fall for this plan and believes the line of B.S. that JC is giving him.  Not only is JC able to convince Fessy that Brett voted to keep Rockstar, he is also able to persuade him that Scottie is after Haleigh.

During Fessy’s HOH room introduction, he decides to flat out ask everyone who voted to keep Rockstar.  Immediately, Scottie says he was the lone vote.  Fessy pushes the envelope knowing that JC told him Brett was the vote.  Finally, Brett comes forward and claims to be the one that voted to keep Rockstar when he really voted to evict Rockstar.  Kaycee helps Brett’s cause by playing up how awkward she has felt with him lately.  Fessy finally closes down the meeting and says he wants to just enjoy his HOH room for the evening.

Big Brother 20 HOH Room

The next day, to add insult to injury, JC goes to Haleigh with a story that Scottie is totally jealous of Fessy and consequently wants Fessy out of the game.  JC continues with persuading Haleigh that Scottie is playing an emotional game right now because of his feelings for her.  JC reiterates how much Scottie likes Haleigh and how bad this is for Fessy’s game.  Haleigh sees right though JC and isn’t buying a word of it.  She knows that they (Scottie and Haleigh) are just friends.

Week 8 Eviction Nominees

Now that the Fessy is in power, who will he decide to nominate for eviction this week?  Has JC’s plan to fill his head with lies about Scottie worked?

At the nominations ceremony, Fessy nominated Brett and Scottie to the block for eviction this week.

Big Brother 20 Nominations

The plan to throw Scottie under the bus and blame him has worked perfectly.  Fessy is head over heels for Haleigh and it letting his emotions dictate his game play.  Who will win the Power of Veto, and will they use it to save either Brett or Scottie?

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Big Brother 20

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