Big Brother 24 Week 8 Head of Household (HOH) (08/25/22)

For a week, the Big Brother 24  house was divided. One side lived in luxury (Brochella) and the other had to rough it (Dyre Fest). The sides were determined by current Head of Household Michael Bruner and Terrance Higgins. Both implemented a strategy that allowed them to each pick players they wanted to keep safe and ones they wanted to target. For Michael that meant protecting Brittany Hoopes and Taylor Hale and targeting Monte Taylor and Jasmine Davis. For Terrance, this meant keeping Alyssa Snider and Matt Turner safe and targeting Kyle Capener and Joseph Abdin. 

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Ultimately, Michael decided to stay Leftovers strong by keeping Monte in the game and taking out Jasmine. Kyle decided to rat out the Leftovers and help ensure that Joseph left the game. Now Joseph and Jasmine are gone, and it could be a civil war between the former Leftovers. Each side wanting to take a shot before getting taken out by their former allies.

This could be the most critical Head of Household Competition of Big Brother 24. To make things even more intense, it’s been rumored to be the tiny Veto competition rebranded as a Head of Household competition.

This competition should favor those players with steady hands. This could be the most important HOH of the season. So who won it? Read below to find out.



Turner is the HOH!

Since Turner seems so firmly with Kyle, Alyssa, and Terrance, he’ll likely take a shot at Taylor and Monte, with a potential Michael backdoor.

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