Who Went Home Tonight On Big Brother 24? 8/25/22

This has been a week like none other inside the Big Brother 24 house, with two games played separately and simultaneously inside and outside of the Big Brother house. Michael Bruner has been calling the shots inside at Big Brochella while Terrance Higgins handled things outside at Dyre Fest.


There will be two live evictions tonight on Big Brother 24, promised to be like none other. Under Michael, Monte Taylor and Jasmine Davis are on the block for eviction. Under Terrance, Kyle Capener and Joseph Abdin are up for eviction. Who went home tonight on Big Brother 24? Let’s find out now.

Week 7 Power of Veto Ceremony Aftermath

At Big Brochella, Brittany Hoopes did not use the Power of Veto she won, and the nominations stayed the same. This is no surprise because her ride-or-die is the HOH. Either Monte or Jasmine will be evicted tonight. As for now, they are staying loyal to the Leftovers alliance.

At Dyre Fest, Terrance won the veto and decided to take his original nominee Matthew Turner off the block, and he replaced him with the Leftovers snitch, Kyle.

Kyle claimed to have no choice but to give up the Leftovers to his showmance Alyssa Snider and Terrance this week. He said he had to do it to save his game.

Terrance spoke to Kyle after the POV ceremony and admitted Joseph is more of a threat to him. According to Terrance, Joe and Monte are closer than any showmance in the game.

Joe approached Terrance and completely threw Kyle under the bus. He explained to Terrance how he was the one that started the Leftovers alliance, not him.

Once Joe got called away to the diary room, Turner, Terrance, Kyle, and Alyssa made a final four-pact. They named their alliance the Afterparty.

Joe called all 5 members of Dyre Fest together for a talk to clear the air. Joe told Alyssa how was not taken off the block by Kyle but by Daniel. No one knows whether or not to believe Joseph because he has previously lied to everyone so much.

Big Brochella Week 7 Live Eviction Vote

The time has come for the Big Brochella vote and eviction. The votes were as follows:

Taylor Hale voted to evict Jasmine
Brittany voted to evict Jasmine


With a vote of 2-0, Jasmine was evicted from the Big Brother 24 house. During her exit interview with host Julie Chen Moonves, Jasmine wasn’t completely surprised that she was evicted. She regrets not aligning with Michael earlier in the game. She admires his gameplay. Jasmine is juror number two.

Dyre Fest Week 7 Live Eviction Vote

The time has come for the Dyre Fest vote and eviction. The votes were as follows:

Turner voted to evict Joseph
Alyssa voted to evict Joseph

By a vote of 2-0, Joseph was evicted from the Big Brother 24 house. During his exit interview with Julie, Joseph admitted he wasn’t surprised that he was evicted tonight. The houseguests felt like he and Monte were more of a threat than Alyssa and Kyle. Joseph said Kyle didn’t use his moral compass with his gameplay and didn’t respect it. He admitted he was upset he didn’t get a chance to say goodbye to everyone in Big Brochella, especially Taylor.

Joe and Jasmine were the two evictees on this special double eviction Big Brother 24 event. Now that the house is truly divided between the remaining Leftover alliance and the newly formed Afterparty, who will take control? We are split with an even 4 against 4 as it stands now. The next HOH competition could not be any more important for these houseguests. Join us again Sunday, August 28, to find out.

Big Brother 24 with Julie Chen

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