We left off with the new Head of Household competition just getting underway in the Big Brother 21 house. Sam Smith was unanimously evicted by Holly Allen and the Six Shooters, while the pawn, Kathryn Dunn was completely safe. The Six Shooters have ruled the Big Brother house since the first week, and fans are hungry for a new HOH to take control and take a serious shot at the already weakened Six Shooters. Will the Outsiders finally get their chance at power?

Big Brother 21 Jessica Milagros

Tonight we will also be filled in on the chaos that took place within the Big Brother 21 house last Thursday evening right before the live eviction episode. Julie Chen Moonves eluded to some craziness and madness going on before the eviction vote. There were talks amongst some of the Six Shooters to flip the vote on Holly. We know this didn’t happen but the damage done will be interesting to take a look at inside the house.

Week Five Chaos Before Live Eviction

The “Jacks” have been given information about Christie Murphy and Tommy Bracco and Holly and Kathryn. Jack Matthews shared this information he received from Jackson Michie with Tommy, one of his closest allies in the Big Brother 21 house. In their conversation, they suspect that Holly and Kathryn knew each other coming in, and because Michie is dating Holly, the trio has been formed secretly within the Six Shooters.

The idea is to flip the vote to save Sam while evicting Kat thus splitting up the trio. Tommy and Jack bring Christie up to speed who feels so played by the situation with the “trio”. Tommy brought in Analyse Talavera and Nick Maccarone to flip the vote as well. The Six Shooters are cracking in two…literally.

Holly and Michie start to suspect a vote flip is imminent. Holly pulls Tommy in to dig for the truth. Tommy divulges the info he knows about the trio. Holly completely denies any trio. This leads to a Six Shooters meeting to clear the air.

Cliff Hogg III, Jessica Milagros and Nick all heard the entire fight of the Six Shooters ripping apart at the seams and couldn’t be happier. All of the Six Shooters are firing shots at each other. The end is near as doors are slamming and houseguests are screaming.

Big Brother 21

Kat joins the conversation and swears there is no trio in the house with Kat, Holly and Michie. Kat knows her game is now on the line with a possible vote flip. In the end, Christie is able to convince her allies that Kat doesn’t deserve to go home now and Sam should still be the target. With that resolved, the Six Shooters are dead…period!

Week Six Head of Household Competition

This competition is called Camp Expo. The houseguests were given time to visit and study each of the camp kiosks and their respective advertisement boards set up in the backyard. After their allotted time was over, the group was asked a series of true and false questions. Answer incorrectly and the houseguest is immediately eliminated from the competition. The last houseguest standing wins.

The competition comes down to just Jessica, Kat and Nicole Anthony. All of which are outsiders and not affiliated with the now defunct Six Shooters. The final two standing were Jessica and Kat. In the end, Jessica won the HOH competition for week six.

Cliff, Kay, Jessica, and Nicole all celebrate the HOH win privately in the storage room. Cliff thinks the four of them can make a run for the final four. Cliff’s angels pose pretty for the camera together.

Big Brother 21

Week Six Block Nominations

Jessica and her crew talk about nominations in the HOH room. Jessica wants to make a big move this week in the Big Brother 21 house. She is definitely out for revenge for her two block nominations, being put up for banishment, and overall being ignored in the house. Time to pay up for the old Six Shooters.

At the nomination ceremony, Jessica out up Jack and Michie to the block for eviction. She explained that she has been ignored in the house and they were the common denominator in all of that. Not to mention, Michie is the one who banished her and Jack nominated her to the block. the outsiders are taking back the power in the house, finally!

Join us again Wednesday evening at 9 PM EST/ 8 PM CST for the Power of Veto competition.

Big Brother 21

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