Big Brother 21 Live Feeds vs. Episode: The Almost Vote Flip Against Kat

It has been an exciting last few days in the Big Brother 21 house. We have had Jessica Milagros in the power seat and she has not disappointed. This big wave of excitement started on eviction night, when Jack Matthews and Tommy Bracco tried to flip the vote from Sam Smith to Kathryn Dunn. The actions of that night had a ripple effect that seems to keep going.

The possible vote flip started when Sam tried to create waves to hurt Christie Murphy’s game and save his. He spoke to several players about Christie saying that she didn’t care if Cliff Hogg III nominated Jack and Jackson Michie. Two of the players that Sam told about it were Jack and Jackson. They had two totally different reactions to it.

Jackson took this as the sign that he needed to break free of the Six Shooters, specifically Christie. Jack took it as a sign that the Six Shooters were over, and for him to choose the Tommy and Christie side. Jackson discussed Jack and him leaving the Six and forming a new group. Jack took this conversation to Tommy. He told him that by him telling Tommy that Jackson wanted to end the Six, it was him picking Tommy and ending his alliance with Jackson.

Jack then revealed to Tommy that Jackson had told him early in the game that Holly Allen and Kathryn Dunn knew each other. Tommy already suspected this and felt like this was all the confirmation he needed. Jack and Tommy then discussed keeping Sam and evicting Kat.

Jack didn’t know if evicting Kat over Sam was the smartest move because he didn’t trust Sam, and having Sam, Cliff, and Nick Maccarone in the game together could be dangerous for all of them. At one point, during the discussion, Christie enters. They then filled her in on how Jackson was working against her and how the Six needed to split up. The feeds ended right when Christie, Jack, and Tommy were trying to decide if they should really flip the votes. This happened on August 1st at around 2:41 BBT and lasted until around 3:06 BBT. Now the feeds were down for the rest of the day until after the Head of Household competition.

This meant the most of the fallout from the almost vote flip wasn’t on the feeds. However, the night of the eviction, someone leaked special footage of about one hour and twenty minutes before the episode aired. CBS has now removed the leaked footage from Youtube.

Click the images to get a closer look of Jack, Christie, and Tommy discussing flipping the vote.

In it, Jack, Christie, and Tommy were going around trying to get the votes to evict Kat. At some point, Jackson and Christie (and the Six) go in the lounge room to talk about everything. The leaked footage didn’t show this conversation, but you could hear screaming, accusations, and loudness coming from Christie and Jackson. The episode showed this portion. On the leaked footage, we instead saw Cliff, Nicole, Nick, Jessica, and Sam’s reaction to it. Nicole warned Kat that they were discussing her, and so Kat decided to enter the room (despite Nick telling her to stay out of it). She went in and tried to defend herself. Sam stayed out of it and just listened with everyone else.

Nick and Nicole were excited to listen to all this go down, Jess was visibly shocked and annoyed when she heard them admit to the Six that didn’t include her, and Sam tried to campaign to the others while this was happening. Jackson entered and exited the room often, only coming back to defend himself.

Eventually, the arguing left the room and became part of the main conversation. However, before they exited the room, Cliff was brought in to try to help throw Jackson under the bus. Jackson and Christie continued to argue once everything was out in the open, and Kat went around to make sure she wasn’t about to be voted out.

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At one point, Holly pulled Jackson aside to call him an idiot for telling Jackson about Kat and her knowing each other. She then told him to say that he just thought they knew each other. He was paranoid and came up with this idea on his own and it was never confirmed. Jackson then did exactly as him and Holly planned. He announced that Kat, Holly, and he didn’t know each other. He just assumed that Kat and Holly did and told Jack.

During the shouting, Christie let everyone know that Jackson was the rogue vote and was trying to pin it on Nicole. Jackson defended him say by saying he was just trying to protect Holly and Analyse Talavera and was trying to do whatever to keep them off the block. He also apologized to Nicole for doing it. She accepted his apology.

Tommy tried to get Cliff to confirm that Jackson was actively working to form things outside of the Six by mentioning Jackson’s alliance with Cliff, Holly, and Kat. They all denied it. This made Tommy even more angry, especially at Cliff, because he said that Cliff just admitted it when they were in the lounge room. Then Tommy pulled Sam in a room and tried to get confirmation that he would work with his side going forward.

Sam said yes but he was still going to go after Christie. Tommy tried to get Sam to see that he needed Christie’s vote and to work with her. It was pretty apparent that Christie and Sam wouldn’t be able to work together, which may have helped keep Kat in the house and send Sam out.

The episodes version of events started with Jackson telling Jack that Holly and Kat know each other, which really happened earlier than on Thursday. We get a DR of Tommy talking about there being a trio because of Holly’s comment about attending the same concert. Tommy, Christie, and Jack’s conversation about flipping the vote was a pretty good condensed version of events. They got the main points of it. We got a little more of what wasn’t shown on feeds, like when Christie, Jack, and Tommy tried to get Nicole, Analyse, and Nick on their side. Analyse wasn’t sure if it was the right move.

Holly also overheard them talking about not telling Sam something, and then she told Jackson, who questioned them about their vote. We then see Jackson and Holly question Tommy and Jack about it. Holly gets Tommy admit that they’re considering flipping the vote after Jackson told Jack that Kat and Holly know each other. The Six all end up in the lounge room and start discussing it. Christie and Jackson start arguing over Jackson trying to break up the Six.

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We only got to see a little of the outsiders reaction to all of it. We then go straight to Kat being in the room crying for her game life. Then the Jack’s arguing over how Jackson said it day 2 vs now. And we get Tommy saying they have to vote out Kat but Chistie not sure. We then get Jack and Christie talking and her saying to not vote out Kat, and Analyze saying same. They tell a crying Kat.

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