Big Brother 21 Live Feeds Spoilers Day 47: Christie’s Power Over the House Starts to Slip

We had another pretty eventful day as the Six Shooters (now the four) scrambled to try to save Jack Matthews’s game and their own. It was an easy breezy day for Cliff’s Angels, as people were approaching them to try to get their vote this critical Big Brother 21 week.

Nicole Anthony and Jessica Milagros couldn’t completely take it easy because they had to ensure that Nick Maccarone was still on their side. He told them that he was loyal to them, but his actions, mainly constantly with the other side, made them worry. Nicole filled Nick on the fact that Jessica considered removing Jackson Michie from the block and putting up Nick as a replacement.

Nick was frustrated and vented those frustrations to Analyse Talavera and Jack. This helped raise even more red flags about Jack’s possible eviction. Christie Murphy, Tommy Bracco and Analyse had already started to worry about Jack’s possible eviction. Analyse and Tommy discussed it, and they discussed what to do if Jack left. Analyse was ready to cut ties with Christie. She thought they should try to get Holly Allen and Jackson back on their side. In order to do so, they would have to sacrifice Christie.

This seemed to be a popular sentiment for the day, as Nick also vented some frustrations about Christie. He thought she was talking too much and hurting his game. Nick believed that the reason Nicole and Jess were questioning his loyalty to do was because Christie had said for sure Nick was voting out Jackson. He just wanted Christie to stop talking. Jack also was falling out of love with Christie as he felt she was hurting his game as well.

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The feeds cut a few times yesterday as Jack got his punishment. An alien apparently enters the Big Brother house with zing-like responses and does disruptive things like throwing stuff on the floor. Tommy also continued his task of wearing a costume and traveling around the house yelling things. Jack went on a campaign tour and spoke to Kat (where he explained about the almost flip vote and a few other things, like who discussed her hookup with Jackson). He also tried to get Cliff Hogg III on his side because he knew that he was the key to his safety this week.

Tommy and Christie made an attempt to campaign for Jack’s safety. Christie told Jess that she didn’t care if Jack left, but didn’t want to become the next target once he left. Tommy tried to explain why it was better for everyone’s game that Jackson left this week over Jack, though he admitted to seeing why they would want to keep Jackson in the game (he wouldn’t have the jury votes to win).

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