Celebrity Big Brother 2 Spoilers: Week 2 Block Nominations (1/26/19)

Celebrity Big Brother 2 houseguest Kato Kaelin holds most of the power this week. He picks who goes on the block. Right now, Kato believe that Tom Green and him are in the best position in the game, because they have Lolo Jones and Natalie Eva Marie on their side. However, Lolo and Eva Marie are playing a bunch of people at the moment, and their true final four deal is probably with Tamar Braxton and Ricky Williams.

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Kato doesn’t realize that Tom and him, at the moment, are kind of disposal to most of the house.

So if Kato used this week wisely, he would improve his position in the game. Right now, it might be best for Kato to make safe nominations, which would mean Dina Lohan and Ryan Lochte.

However, it would be in Kato’s best interest to try to get out Dina or another player, because Ryan will always be a target ahead of Tom and him.

Kato discussed last night nominating Dina because of her reaction to him winning Head of Household. He believes that she may be out to get him.

Nominating Dina may be the safe choice, but it’s the right one for Kato. Who he nominates next to her will be the interesting part of the week. He could nominate Ryan, but then he risks him winning Veto. Additionally, he could possibly gain Ryan as an ally now that his ride-or-die Jonathan Bennett is gone. Nominating Tamar or Ricky might lead to a scene by one of them. Joey may be the safest choice, because he’s so nonchalant about the whole experience.



Kato nominated Tamar and Dina for eviction.

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