Celebrity Big Brother 2 Live Feeds Highlights-Day 10: Dina Becomes Enemy Number One

This Celebrity Big Brother day revolved around the plan to blindside Jonathan Bennett. Tom Green still wasn’t quite sure if he should evict Kandi Burruss or Jonathan. After a talk with Kato Kaelin, he was back on the evict Jonathan train. The day could now proceed smoothly right?

Celebrity Big Brother 2-Dina Lohan

Not so much. Tamar Braxton and Ricky Williams got into an argument over trust.

This leads to Tamar getting into an argument with Natalie Eva Marie over Lolo Jones and her not coming to Tamar’s aid against Ricky. Once Tamar calmed, things started to get back on track.

Eva Marie, Tamar Braxton, Lolo Jones, Celebrity Big Brother 2

Jonathan’s eviction really upset Dina Lohan and she was out for blood. This made it easy for the house to get upset with her, and turn her into the number one enemy for the week. During the Head of Household competition, it came down to Eva Marie, Joey Lawrence, and Kato. Joey was about to fall off the wall, and Dina told him not to do it. This made Kato believe that Dina was coming after him. She became his number one target for this week.

Joey scrambled a lot following the eviction, so it seems like he might want to remain in the house. However, during the HoH competition, he was all about complaining. It was like he didn’t know the definition of endurance.

Celebrity Big Brother 2-Joey Lawrence

Tamar and Ryan Lochte both worried that they might be Kato’s target. Ryan and Joey discuss trying to get one of the women out, specifically Lolo, but that won’t happen because of Kato and Lolo’s secret final four deal. Lolo and Eva Marie also discuss trying to get Ryan out and backdoored. Ryan also told Kato about his original alliance with the women, Jonathan, and himself.

Later today, Kato will make his nominations, and we will probably have the Power of Veto competition take place late in the evening.

Celebrity Big Brother 2- Tamar Braxton

Right now it seems like Kato will nominate Dina and either Ryan, Tamar, or Joey. Ricky also still may be an option with Tom and his awkwardness.

Celebrity Big Brother Two

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