Celebrity Big Brother 2 Live Feeds Highlights-Day 9: Tom Tries to Orchestrate a Vote Flip

Yesterday in the Celebrity Big Brother 2 house, the houseguests eased into the drama and mayhem. By nightfall, the craziness was in full force. Most of the drama surrounded Ricky Williams and Tom Green.

Celebrity Big Brother 2-Tom Green

Tom didn’t like how Ricky had started to treat and talk to him. He also didn’t like how Ricky made it clear that he didn’t want to join an alliance with Tom and Kato Kaelin. This made Tom wonder if they were doing the right thing by evicting Jonathan Bennett over Joey Lawrence and Kandi Burruss. He thought Kato and him might have a better chance in the game by forming something with Jonathan and Ryan Lochte.

Kato really didn’t want to shift from the initial plan to vote out Jonathan. It wasn’t until later in the night that Tom told Lolo Jones and Natalie Eva Maria that he was considering switching his vote. Of course, Lolo wasn’t happy about this sudden shift. Proud president of the “I hate Kandi” club, Tamar Braxton was more than happy with the sudden shift. She doesn’t trust Ricky, and she wants Kandi out the game.

Celebrity Big Brother 2-Tamar Braxton, Lolo Jones, Eva Marie

For the last few days, Tamar has been trying to get the Celebrity Big Brother 2 houseguests to vote off Kandi, but there hasn’t been much shifting in her favor. Now she may have an opportunity to strike while the tides are shifting. Jonathan and Ryan tried to re-secure their alliance with Tamar, Lolo, and Eva Marie.

Ryan admitted to mentioning wanting to backdoor Lolo, but he said he meant it as a joke. He also admitted to a number of other things. Lolo and the other women pretended like all was forgiven, but they still wanted Jonathan out the Celebrity Big Brother 2 game.

Celebrity Big Brother 2-Eyan Locthe and Jonathan Bennett

Lolo asked Tom to sleep on things before they discussed who to evict today. She also told Ricky that he sketched out Tom, so he apologized. We’ll have to wait until later this afternoon to see if Tom still wants to get out Jonathan, or is he firmly on the get out Kandi train, or is Joey the new best option?

Join us tonight for another Celebrity Big Brother 2 recap to find out who goes home.

Celebrity Big Brother Two

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