Big Brother 17 Spoilers: Twin Twist Explodes!

Back on Monday, Big Brother 17 cast member Da’Vonne Rogers suddenly decided that ‘Liz’ had to be an identical twin. She immediately told Jason Roy her suspicions and the whole conspiracy theory about a Twin Twist quickly went viral from Houseguest to Houseguest.

Now Da’Vonne is trying to figure out how she can use the suspected Twin Twist against ‘Liz’ to somehow get her vote support at Thursday’s eviction. Is there any way that getting Jul/Liz on board with her plan to stay can save Da’Vonne at this point?

WARNING: This post contains Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds that have not yet aired on the CBS show. Please do not proceed if you do not want spoilers!

We aren’t sure what exactly set Da’Vonne off about the Twin Twist. If you are paying very, very close attention, Liz Nolan and Julia Nolan do have some physical differences. One of them appears to weigh a tiny bit more and have a tiny bit more in the breasts. Their hair roots are a little bit different. Their voices are pitched differently as well. Plus, one is more outgoing and friendlier, while the other is a bit more withdrawn and sometimes even sullen.

However, if you were actually inside the house and had no reason to suspect a Twin Twist, would you notice these small differences between the two girls? Maybe not, except that Audrey brought up the previous Twin Twist in the first week of the season. Since then, it’s been discussed quite a few times, which is bound to make people pay more attention to the possibility of it happening again.

Of course, there have also been the ‘mistakes’ made by the twins, such as Julia referring to ‘Liz’ in the third person instead of saying ‘me’. That’s happened once for certain and possibly several other times we didn’t personally witness but heard about. Also, one twin went into the Diary Room at one point with nail polish, and then the other came out with a different color polish. Oops!

Perhaps it is just all of these differences that finally added up for Da’Vonne, or maybe she got hinted at by Production for one reason or another. (Some conspiracy theorists would like us to think it was to distract the house from Audrey’s downfall, or to somehow help save Da’Vonne this week.)

Whatever the reason for her sudden belief that Jul/Liz was indeed a twin, Da’Vonne didn’t hesitate to spread her theory all over the place immediately. She told Jason first, and then both of them started spilling the idea to the other Houseguests. We still can’t figure out why she didn’t keep her theory to herself and use it in secret to manipulate Jul/Liz to gain her support.

Finally though, after almost all of the Housguests had already been told about the Twin Twist idea, Da’Vonne decided to use her ‘knowledge’ as part of her campaign to stay in the house. She sat down with Jul/Liz (we think it was actually Julia) at 9:53 PM BBT on Tuedsay night and told her about everyone thinking she is a twin and swapping out with her sister in the house.

Da’Vonne tells her the others have noticed how one twin is bubbly and the other isn’t. She talks about the other differences everyone has spotted. She does not tell Jul/Liz that she is actually the source of the whole rumor Jul/Liz is a twin in the first place. Although she refuses to admit the truth of being a twin, Jul/Liz does promise Da’Vonne her vote because Da’Vonne used her Fast Forward protection in week one to keep her safe. Julia wants to know who has been saying she is a twin but Da’Vonne just says she can’t tell her at this point.

In order for both twins to get to play in the house, they have to survive the first five evictions. If the majority of the house decides to believe they actually are two people playing as one, that is unlikely to happen. The other Houseguests aren’t going to want a pair of twins working together in the house. Nor will they want another person coming in to compete for the grand prize.

So we can expect that Jul/Liz is likely to find themselves on the chopping block very soon. If not this coming week, than probably the next. It all depends on if whichever Houseguest ends up as the next final Head of Household has a bigger target in mind…

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