Big Brother 21 Week 10 Alliance Updates: Which Duo Has the Strongest Alliance?

Big Brother 21 edges closer to the end with only seven houseguests remaining and just 22 days to the finale. Alliances and deals forged throughout the season are very important at this stage of the game, and now is when the houseguests realize if those previous deals will make or break their game. Most of the final two and four deals alliances have been solidified much earlier in the season, as it is typically too late in the game to make new deals with such little time left.

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The strongest alliance (although nameless) is the final four deal between Jackson Michie, Holly Allen, Nicole Anthony, and Cliff Hogg III. Michie won his second Head of Household competition this week specifically to protect his final four agreement with Cliff and Nicole. The comp came down to Michie and Tommy Bracco for the win. Fearful of Tommy nominating his allies Cliff and Nicole to the block, Michie took one for the team and beat Tommy for the victory. Now that’s true dedication to your allies.

From the final four deal between Michie, Holly, Nicole, and Cliff, that foursome breaks down into two different final two deals between Michie and Holly (showmance with rough waters lately), and Nicole and Cliff. Michie and Holly have been on a roll lately in the Big Brother power and control department. Collectively, they have won the last three HOH competitions and two of the last three Power of Veto competitions. That’s very impressive in the Big Brother late game viewpoint. Michie has certainly proven that he is 100% loyal to his crew, and the four are very strong together with a great shot at making the final four as planned.

Michie and Holly have an impressive resume collectively as previously mentioned. They have been involved in a showmance for the majority of the season, but their relationship has been complicated. Even though they have conquered the HOH bedroom for three weeks running, the recent fighting between them has been frustrating. Things seem to be Okay between them now, but as we have seen, that can change at any moment. As long as Michie doesn’t feel as though Holly is humiliating him in front of the nation anymore, these two have a great shot at final two.

As far as final two deals go, Tommy and Christie Murphy are very solid with their arrangement. It is no secret among the Big Brother 21 fans that Tommy and Christie knew each other very well prior to the game. Christie was in a long-term relationship with Tommy’s aunt for many years. Why Big Brother would cast these two together is another topic, but their deal is solid with Christie surviving four consecutive block nominations. Their resume isn’t as impressive as others in the house, but Tommy, in particular, has great connections and relationships with those already in the jury house.

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Jessica Milagros is the odd man out in the Big Brother house right now. To make matters worse, she is the target for eviction under Michie’s HOH reign. She doesn’t have much of a shot at saving her game because she is sitting next to the lovable Cliff. Michie only put Cliff on the block as a pawn when he was forced to name a replacement for Christie…his original pawn for the week.

Unless the seas part this week, Jessica should be going home leaving three sets of two and a final four left to battle it out for the crown. This just goes to show you how important these deals and alliances are in the game of Big Brother. With just a handful of houseguests remaining, those deals will certainly make or break your Big Brother 21 game.

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