Big Brother 21 Live Feeds Spoilers Day 72: Jackson Plans to Target…Jess?

Big Brother 21 keeps getting harder and harder to predict. Last night, we found out that we’re going to have a double eviction despite the numbers not adding up. We have also had Christie Murphy on the block for the last three weeks, but she still remains in the house. This might prove to be her fourth week on the block, and her fourth week escaping eviction.

Following Jackson Michie surprise Head of Household win, he told Cliff Hogg III his plan for the week. He wanted to nominate Christie (yes, sounds about right) and Jessica Milagros (okay, we’ll go with that), and his target is…Jess (what!).

The way Jackson explained his thought process with targeting Jess is that she wants one of the guys out. This makes her a threat to both of them and Tommy Bracco. Jackson even suggested that they tell Tommy that the boys need to stick together, since so few of them now. Jackson also said that if he took out Tommy, then that would just make them an even bigger target. He then told Christie that she would likely be the pawn for the week. The way he explained it to her was that Tommy would get voted out if he was a pawn, and if Christie went up next to Jess, then she wouldn’t have to feel conflicted about not giving her a vote this week.

Jackson told Holly Allen that his plan for this week was to keep Christie and Tommy, and Cliff and Nicole Anthony this week and take out the middle player Jess. This would put Jackson and Holly in the middle, and let the other duos go after each other. Jackson also told Cliff and Nicole that he wanted to throw the Head of Household to Nicole, but couldn’t because Tommy didn’t fall. He said he knew Tommy would put up Nicole and Cliff, so he didn’t want to risk them going up on the block with a Tommy HoH.

Jackson worried about winning another competition, and he didn’t want it to hurt his game even more. But his alliance mates told him that it didn’t really matter, he was seen as a competition beast now, whether he won more competitions or not. Meanwhile, Holly tried to downplay her wins and say she missed playing all the iconic competitions and rolling a ball wasn’t worthy of praise. She also tried to bond with Tommy over Nick Maccarone‘s eviction. She mentioned feeling bad about ending his game.

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