Big Brother 21 Spoilers: Week 10 Block Nominations (8/30/19)

Jackson Michie is once again the man in control as he takes power another week in the Big Brother 21 game. Jackson told his allies that he planned to throw this week’s Head of Household competition, but when Tommy Bracco made the finals with him, he knew that he needed to win to protect his three (true?) allies, Nicole Anthony, Cliff Hogg III, and Holly Allen.

Big Brother 20 Nominations

Jackson is playing a dangerous game this week by trying to work the middle. He wants to keep all three duos in the game, and take out the middle player of Jessica Milagros. He believes that if he gets her out, Tommy and Christie Murphy will target Nicole and Cliff, and vice-versa. Jackson believes that Holly and him will get to go back and forth between the two sides. However, this is a very tricky move this late in the game.

Both sides are already on to the fact that Jackson wants to try to play the middle by not making a clear choice between either side, which sends red flags to both sets of duo. They may be more willing to target Jackson now, knowing that he might not be true to their deals. Additionally, Christie and Tommy were already planning to go after Jackson, so these nominations and target just hurts Holly and his position in the game, especially with a double eviction looming in the horizon.

So who did Jackson decide to nominate this week?



Jackson nominated Christie and Jessica for eviction. Tomorrow they will all play in the Power of Veto Ceremony, which could change this week’s target and nominations.

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