Big Brother 21 Rumors: Did a Megaphone Expose Tommy and Christie’s Past Relationship?

There was something strange brewing in the Big Brother 21 house last night. The feeds shut down a little before Big Brother After Dark started. They continued to be off a little into the usual airing. When the Big Brother Live Feeds and After Dark returned, everyone was acting like nothing happened. It was business as usual.

Analyse Talavera was still begging America for a power, and this time she had recruited Nicole Anthony for help. Meanwhile Holly Allen sat quietly in the kitchen, also joined by Cliff Hogg III and Jackson Michie. Eventually, Holly asked Jackson if he “knew what the thing said?” He made a mhmm sound and then the feeds cut to “We’ll Be Right Back.”

While the Feeds were down prior to Big Brother After Dark, a video surfaced with a message saying that Tommy Bracco and Christie had a relationship prior to entering the Big Brother 21 house and then it played a clip from Christie’s Diary Room session from early in the season. The backyard was also suddenly locked down early. This is all behavior that happens when a fan or outside source tries to leak some info to the houseguests. It has happened many times before in the Big Brother game, so this is nothing new.

Production also usually asks that the houseguests don’t talk about it, which is why we might not have heard about it much (yet) on the Live Feeds, and why the Feeds went out when Holly tried to discuss it with Jackson. On the feeds prior to the long feeds outage, Tommy and Cliff were in the backyard discussing trying to work together going into next week. Then the feeds shut down around 8:26 BBT. They didn’t return until around 9:32 BBT. Cliff and Tommy were the only ones shown on the feeds in the backyard talking, but they had been talking to Analyse a few seconds before the feeds cut, she then left inside, and a little before that, they had a discussion with Jackson, which means he might also have been still outside, but just not shown. Also there was a mention of Nicole also being in the backyard at some point.

Click the images to get a closer look at the possible Big Brother 21 megaphone leak

If this rumor proves to be true, how do you feel about outside game interference? Also do you think it will hurt Tommy and Christie’s games going forward, if she stays this week? Let us know by commenting below.

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