Big Brother Over the Top: Power of Veto Comp Results (10/31/16)

Big Brother Over the Top players make history by being the first houseguests to be in the house during Halloween. Due to this fun fact, we knew today’s Big Brother Over the Top power of veto competition would have a Halloween theme.

Big Brother Over the Top Week 5

The theme was ghosts and haunted house. This meant we would get some fun reactions from the veto players. This week’s veto players were Danielle Lickey, Jason Roy, Justin Duncan, Shelby Stockton,  Whitney Hogg, and Scott Dennis.

The houseguest heard a ghost story to introduce the competition (see the video here). They had to find a hairbrush, rattle, and a doll named Abigail. The veto players needed to go to the yoga room to wait for the competition to start.

The other players got to watch from the head of household room. Each player had to go individually. They would search through a dark house, using only a tunnel light, for the items. The player who found their three items the fastest won this week’s power of veto.

They all had a 15 minute time limit.

Justin went first and found all his items super fast. He found the doll in the have-not room, hairbrush in Tokyo room, and rattle in the London room.

Scott went next. He went a little slower than Justin, but also went pretty fast.

Shelby went next and struggled to find the chest to drop off the toys.

Jason went really fast, and just zoomed by the ghost. He had some trouble finding the doll.

Whitney went next, and she overthought how to find the items. She took the longest to find them.

Danielle found all the items extremely fast, and seemed to be the sure winner.

Big Brother Over the Top Week 5 Veto Results

Danielle is this week’s veto winner. She will probably use it to remove Whitney from the block, and then put up Morgan or Alex.

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