Who Went Home on Big Brother 21 Tonight (07/11/19)?

At the hands of Head of Household Jack Matthews, Kemi Fakunle and Jessica Milagros are up for eviction tonight in the Big Brother 21 house. Jack has made it clear that Kemi has been his target all week, and he pushed last week’s HOH Christie Murphy to backdoor Kemi to no avail.

Big Brother 21

Kemi, on the other hand, has vowed to fight eviction from the Big Brother 21 game with all she has. After losing the Power of Veto competition, her chances of saving her game greatly diminished. POV winner Sam Smith decided to play along with current HOH and leave nominations the same. Does Kemi have any shot at convincing the Big Brother house to side with her over Jack. We will find out tonight.

Week 2 Power of Veto Ceremony Fallout

Jack is thrilled that Sam kept his word and did not use the POV to save either Kemi or Jessica from the block. Jessica feels fairly safe since Kemi was also a target last week. Kemi has her work cut out for her to save her game right now.

A new alliance was formed between Ovi Kabir, Nicole Anthony, and Cliff Hogg III. They name their group the Fellowship of Zing. Cliff and Nicole are both banking on Ovi winning his way back into the Big Brother 21 game from Camp Comeback.

Unfortunately, Cliff made a big rookie mistake in the Big Brother house. He has created a morning routine that includes his cam talk sessions, which he has deemed Cliff Notes. He shares messages to his love ones back home and gives his daily analysis of the game thus far.

Big Brother 21 Christie Murphy

Unbeknownst to Cliff, Christie overheard everything, as Cliff spilled it all out during one of his morning Cliff Notes sessions. She now knows who Cliff is working with, who Cliff is targeting, and how he plans to bring his plan to fruition. Cliff, Cliff, Cliff! Christie couldn’t run back to Gr8ful fast enough with all the information that just landed in her lap. We will have to wait and see if how Gr8ful will use this information to their advantage.

Last Minute Deals

Kemi and Nicole finally realized that Isabella Wang cannot be trusted. In fact, Bella was the founder of the now defunct Black Widow alliance, and she gave all the information about her former alliance to HOH Jack. Nicole warned Kemi not to share any information with her as it will be twisted and misconstrued to her benefit.

Kemi knows she has been thrown under the bus by Bella. Kemi approached Jackson Michie to let him know that Bella was the founder of the alliance, Black Widows. She let Michie in on just how two-faced Bella is playing right now in the Big Brother 21 house. Bella is trying to play both sides of the house, and now Jack and Michie know she is a snake. Michie is torn as he wants to be loyal to his bromance Jack but also trusts Kemi.

Big Brother 21 Michie and Kemi

Bella can’t stop running her mouth. She goes to Sam and lets him know that, although he has been voting with Gr8ful, he is not a member of the alliance. Sam didn’t even know a formal alliance existed. Needless to say, he is dumbfounded with the information and doesn’t know what to do now with his vote. Thanks to Bella, Kemi may have a chance of staying in the game after all.

Week 2 Live Eviction Results

During her eviction speech, Kemi decided to throw Nick and Bella under the bus. She told the houseguests that they were playing both sides of the house. She shared that the writing is on the BB walls and those walls are closing in on them. BANG!

Cliff Votes to Evict Kemi
Kathryn Dunn Votes to Evict Kemi
Nicole Votes to Evict Kemi
Bella Votes to Evict Kemi
Nick Maccarone Votes to Evict Kemi
Sam Votes to Evict Kemi
Analyse Talavera Votes to Evict Kemi
Michie Votes to Evict Jessica
Holly Dunn Votes to Evict Kemi
Christie Votes to Evict Kemi
Tommy Bracco Votes to Evict Kemi

Big Brother 21

With a vote of 10 to 1, Kemi is out of the game and the newest member of Camp Comeback.

Week 3 Head of Household Competition

This competition is called Power Shot. The houseguests will each get one chance to throw an arrow at a large bulleye’s target. The houseguest with the highest score wins the HOH. An interesting twist for this comp are two additional targets on the board. One is for $5,000 and the other is for safety for the week. If the arrow does not stick to the target, the score is zero.

With a score of 90, Nick is the new HOH. After Kemi just tried to throw him and his showmance partner, Bella, under the bus, this will be an interesting week inside the Big Brother 21 house.

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Big Brother 21

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