Big Brother 21 Spoilers: Week 3 Head of Household Results (07/11/19)

For the last two weeks, Gr8ful has had all the power. They’ve had the voting majority, the influence, and the Head of Household wins to control the game. In week 1, Christie Murphy set the tone for Gr8ful by winning the first Head of Household, and then last week Jack Matthews maintained their dominance by winning the second one. If Gr8ful continues to win Head of Households, then it might be a steam roll to the Big Brother 21 finale.

Sam Smith might be their biggest game obstacle. Sam has won two Veto competitions in a row. He might be the best person to shake up the game, but the only problem with a Sam win is that he’s loosely aligned with Gr8ful. He now knows he wasn’t included in the original eight formation, but we’re not sure if he has the guts yet to go against them.

To keep the game interesting, we’re hoping anyone not in Gr8ful wins the Head of Household to at least maybe do something different. The only problem with that is that Camp Comeback exists, and the house is worried about sending a strong player to it, and then having them come right back into the house and after them.

So who took the power this week on Big Brother 21?


********************************************************************************************************************************* *********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************

The houseguests have the choice to hit either a $5,000 target or safety for the week target. They can pick these over HOH. They had to try to hit their targets underhand.

Analyse-Got 50

Jessica-Got 5

Christie-Got 65

Nick-Got 95

Sam-Got 70

Jackson-Got 70

Tommy-Got 35

Cliff-Got 15

Bella-Got 75

Kat-Got 0

Nicole-Got 15

Holly-Got 0

Nick is the new Head of Household!

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