Big Brother 21 Spoilers: Week 7 Head of Household Results (08/08/19)

Last week was the most exciting week of Big Brother 21 thus far. It was great because we had the Six Shooters officially breakup, then we had an Outsider take power, and now one of the major Big Brother 21 players has left the game. It was a good time to be Big Brother fans if you enjoy a big game shakeup. Going into this week, excitement is still at an all-time high, but for the appeal of uncertainty.

The Six Shooters are over and Cliff’s Angels are technically the only solid alliance, but that’s stretching it because they’re basically a group by convenience. They could grow into something more solid and concrete, but when one of them is not in power, we’ll really see if this is a real alliance. With no solid groups formed and just a few duos (like Holly Allen and Jackson Michie, Kathryn Dunn and Jessica Milagros, Cliff Hogg III and Nicole Anthony, Christie Murphy and Tommy Bracco, and now possibly Nick Maccarone and Analyse Talavera since they both lost their showmance partners), it’s not clear who will be a target.

Most likely, Christie and Tommy are probably the most in danger going into this week, but either of them could easily win Head of Household, or someone else can seem like a more juicy target. You really have no clue where the cards may fall this week, and that’s what makes this Head of Household competition all the more exciting.


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Tommy is the new HOH!

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