Big Brother 21 Live Feeds Spoilers Day 51: One Less Jack

Yesterday morning in the Big Brother 21 house marked the beginning of the end for Jack Matthews as the Big Brother action started with Jack finding out that this would be his last day in the house. He tried to manipulate Kathryn Dunn into believing that she might be next if she didn’t vote for him to stay. Of course, Kat already knew to expect this from Cliff Hogg III‘s warning the previous night. Kat played along, pretending to be confused and conflicted.

Then Cliff let Jack know that he was the one going tonight. Jack was upset, citing that he played a loyal game, while everyone else played both sides, and that’s what caused his demise. He also blamed Nick Maccarone for betraying them and not really being on his side. Kat promised Nicole Anthony that she was still voting out Jack tonight, and Cliff started his day with a happy mood because Jack was finally leaving the game.

New Head of Household Tommy Bracco reassured the former Six (now the Five) that he wasn’t putting any of them up, well he was 80 percent sure that they weren’t going up this week (the Big Brother Field Trip might change that). However, Tommy claimed that he wasn’t going to tell anyone his target, instead he might bounce some ideas off Analyse Talavera, and her only. Despite Tommy telling the Five that they were fine, Jackson Michie was sure that he was going up as a pawn. Holly Allen even told Jackson that he was putting the idea in Tommy’s head to use him as a pawn. Both Tommy and Jackson agreed that they didn’t want him going up as pawn because he would get voted out almost against anyone.

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Tommy got his Head of Household room and Christie Murphy couldn’t help herself from making comments about the attractiveness of the Bracco family, especially Tommy’s aunts (wink, wink). It being Tommy’s birthday, the houseguests baked and decorated a cake for him and sang Happy Birthday. Nick told Nicole Anthony that Tommy was considering putting up Cliff and Kat. Nicole then told Kat, who mentioned it to Tommy, and then it got back to Nicole (who had specifically asked Kat not to mention it).

Nicole was upset that Kat told Tommy and Nicole needed to do damage control with Nick. Tommy and Analyse discussed possibly nominating Cliff and Kat this week. Tommy wanted to weaken the other side, specifically to ensure that Nick couldn’t play both sides and had to come back to their side. Tommy mentioned Kat being his target, but Christie and Analyse want Cliff gone this week. The BB Field Trip being in play could definitely shake up Tommy’s plan and nominations. Stay tune for those results soon.

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