Big Brother 21 Live Feeds Spoilers Day 50: The (Non)-Campaign Tour

Yesterday was the official last day for one of the Jacks (Jack Matthews and Jackson Michie). Both men used most of the day to campaign for their place in the Big Brother 21 house. Jackson’s campaign was more of a hash-it-out, tell people his targets sort of thing or a non-campaign, as he called it. He wanted to stay true to his word from early in the game by not going against his former Big Brother bestie. Jack didn’t exactly campaign against Jackson either, as much as he tried to show that he was more valuable to people’s game than Jackson. He still felt the key to his safety this week was in the hands of Cliff Hogg III.

Cliff made sure to still seem conflicted about his vote. He told Jack that he would give him a definite decision around noon tomorrow (but he really planned to avoid him at all costs). Jack continued his ruin Kathryn Dunn‘s game plan by letting Cliff in on the fact that Kat knew beforehand about the flipped vote. Cliff told Nick Maccarone that he didn’t care about what Kat knew or that she used to be a mole for the Six Shooters. Cliff eventually told Kat Jack’s “blackmail” plan. It didn’t phase her or her allies. Cliff was determined to vote out Jack on Thursday. Jack, however, believed that there was still hope to get Cliff’s vote.

Despite his non-campaigning, Jackson had a few important talks yesterday. The first was with Jack where they basically hashed it all out. Jackson said that he would let Jack’s betrayals slide in the game, but if he did this stuff in real life, they would no longer be friends. Basically to summarize, the two men decided they would forgive and forget in the real world, but in the game, they couldn’t work together. Jackson also said that he expected a Battle Back, and if so, he knew whoever got evicted this week would return. They also said whoever stay in the game, the other one would be rooting for and have their vote if they made it to the end.

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The second big Jackson talk was with Christie (which started 12:57 BBT). The two basically just discussed how miscommunication led to the Six Shooter’s demise, especially from them. Christie (in tears) denied ever mentioning Jackson’s name as a target but admitted that once she got down to the six, then he would definitely have been her number one, but not before then. Jackson said he would have done the same. He also mentioned how he didn’t like the personal attacks, and he’s always about factual stuff and not personal. The two seemed to get on better terms, but they’re still very much game enemies.

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