Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Live Feeds Day 53 Highlights: Houseguests Start to Question Raven’s Stories

Until Mark Jansen’s Big Brother 19 eviction, the game is at a stalemate. Similarly to when Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf were in the Big Brother house, the houseguests refuse to budge on their plan to evict him. Alex Ow, especially wants to go with the house majority. However, Alex and Jason Dent fail to realize that their number is coming up sooner rather than later on Big Brother, and now might be the time to make a bold move.

Big Brother 19 Raven Walton, Matt Clines, and Christmas Abbott

It was another quiet day inside the Big Brother 19 house. Instead of game talk, the houseguests spent a lot of time gossiping. Raven Walton seems safe until the Big Brother 19 final five, but the houseguests have had enough of her alleged lies.

The Raven Factor

Big Brother 19 Matt Clines, Raven Walton, Christmas Abbott, Paul Abrahamian

The Big Brother 19 houseguests are over Matt Clines and Raven, especially now that Zingbot revealed their sex life inside the house. Christmas Abbott, Kevin Schlehuber, Jason, Paul Abrahamian, and Alex in several conversations discussed Raven’s lies, both lies about her life inside and outside the Big Brother house. They have finally put the clues together that a lot of what she says must be fabrications, because they make no sense logically. Paul even called Raven a pathological liar, and feels that she must believed her lies to do it so easily.

Raven caused a major scene when she lost her bracelet. She claimed it was from a friend who died, so it had sentimental value. The houseguests took some time out of the day to find it. It was pushed behind a coffee pot.

The majority of the Big Brother 19 house assumed that someone accidentally pushed it there, but Raven insisted that Kevin must have hid it to mess with her. No one else believed that anyone tried to hide it on purpose.

Mark Campaigns for His Life

Big Brother 19 Mark Jansen and Jason Dent

Mark refuses to give up. He may be annoying people with his constant campaigning, but Mark spend the day trying to get someone to reconsider voting him out. Kevin and Jason both wanted to keep Mark, but Alex refused to change her mind. She claimed that they needed to go with the majority.

Mark even tried to talk to Paul, but it seems like nothing can save Mark.

The Future

Big Brother 19 Paul Abrahamian, Matt Clines, and Raven Walton

The rest of the day consisted of houseguests talking about targeting each other, while Paul encouraged it. There wasn’t one real conversation about getting Paul out of the Big Brother 19 game. So if you drafted Paul in any preseason betting pools, you’re going to cash out big in September.

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