Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Live Feeds Day 52 Highlights: Total Eclipse of the House

The final 8 Big Brother 19 houseguests (Mark Jansen is pretty much already out the house) have been focusing a lot on their final 5 and 3 plans. Paul Abrahamian has been doing a great job of running around the Big Brother house telling everyone what they want to hear. He tells Matt Clines and Raven Walton that it is them three to the end, and then runs to Christmas Abbott and Josh Martinez and says the same. Jason Dent, Alex Ow, and Kevin Schlehuber also get similar talks.

big Brother 19 Paul Abrahamian

We don’t expect any of these Big Brother 19 houseguests to compare notes, because they spend too much time dissing each other. The petty cast will be in for a rude awakening when Paul starts to betray them all. Once Mark leaves on Thursday, the Big Brother 19 game can officially begin.

The Eclipse

Big Brother 19 Christmas Abbott

The Big Brother 19 houseguests started their day by watching the eclipse outside. Kevin, Christmas, and Paul enjoyed the nice weather and the scientific and natural phenomenon.

Christmas Snitches

Big Brother 19 Cast

After Mark went on the Big Brother block as the replacement nominee, Christmas took no time to tell Alex that Mark’s campaigning involved throwing her name around as a target. In true Alex fashion, she was ready to call out Mark. The surrounding houseguests seem to have talked her out of it at the moment.

However, we expect Alex to verbally attack Mark at some point before he leaves the Big Brother 19 game. Mark spent a large portion of the day napping and away from the other houseguests. We expect him to start doing some campaigning a little later today or all day tomorrow.

So Much Camera Time

Big Brother 19 Josh Martnez

The Big Brother 19 production team must have encouraged houseguests to speak to the camera more. For the last two days, Paul has been telling the live feed watchers all about his plans. Yesterday, he shared that he has changed his possible final three plan from Christmas and Josh to Matt and Raven.

Then later, he went back to his original plan of Christmas and Josh. Josh spent a few moments of his day sharing his game and plans for the future. He was confident in believing that he played a better game than people give him credit for playing. We’ll see if the jury agrees on finale night.

The Next Targets

Big Brother 19 Alex and Paul

Alex and Jason are completely unaware that they’re the Big Brother 19 house’s next targets. Several players have discussed taking one of them out next week. Whoever wins head of household (as long as it is not Jason or Alex) will work hard to evict one of them.

Paul wants Jason gone before Alex, but the other houseguests disagree. They see Alex as the glue and brains holding that pairing together and in the game.

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