Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Who Won Head of Household In Week 9?

We were itching to find out the Big Brother spoilers for who won Head of Household in week 9 after the live eviction on Thursday night. After watching the guys send our favorite bearded beast Donny off to Jury, we were in the mood for a little revenge.

Big Brother Live Feeds (CBS)
Big Brother Live Feeds (CBS)

WARNING: This post contains Big Brother 16 spoilers on alliances, strategy, competition results and more from the Live Feeds that have not yet aired on the CBS show. Please proceed at your own Big Brother 2014 spoilers risk!

We were really hoping for a big shakeup in power with the Big Brother 2014 cast with Nicole winning the Head of Household Competition. Unfortunately, Nicole has not proven to be a very strong competitor so far this season… However, she is a small but athletic girl, which meant that she might have an advantage if we finally got an endurance competition this week.

Unfortunately, while we did get an endurance competition tonight, it was not one build for small, athletic girls. Instead, it was a torture chamber of slippery fake ice designed for someone who is strong and has good balance.

The Houseguests were forced to scoop up water in tiny scoops and then slip and slide down a wet, foamy, fake snow/ice track to a snowman with an empty plastic head. They dumped the water from the scoops in the head and went back for more. When the head filled up enough that they could grab the coal floating on top of the water in the head, they would win.

There was also an option to fill a smaller snowman head for $5,000 but no one took it.

Caleb took the early lead in the competition with a confident, controlled method of going back and forth. But even he quickly got tired and started falling and slipping. Victoria was terrible at the competition from the beginning. Everyone sounded like death out there panting, moaning, and groaning.

Here’s the breakdown of the competition by time on the Big Brother Live Feeds after the show went off:

7:12 PM – Everyone still in the competition but some are seriously struggling. Victoria is the worst, but Nicole is not doing so well either. Caleb is probably the best so far, but he has started falling down quite a bit and losing his water. And then having to crawl on hands and knees for a bit. Derrick is also working hard. Frankie is trying his best but he’s struggling.

7:20 PM – Nicole is getting a much better method down and is making some progress. However, it looks like Christine and Frankie are now the ones catching up to Caleb. They are all three looking very close right now. Frankie is literally flailing his way back to the water with huge grunts and windmill arms every time he dumps into the snowman head. He has to know how VERY important it is for him to win so no one backstabs him this week.

7:25 PM – Frankie may have a slight lead over Caleb and Christine at this point. Christine keeps having trouble with her feet and it is putting her behind. Victoria should just give up and either quit or go for the 5K because it is pointless for her to keep going. She is never going to win.

7:33 PM – Caleb, Frankie, and Christine are the top ones right now with Nicole close behind. Everyone looks and sounds exhausted. Christine takes a hard fall.

7:36 PM – Frankie starts singing the tune from Frozen and the Live Feeds cut out for a few minutes because Houseguests aren’t allowed to sing.

7:50 PM – Derrick has given up on winning and is now going for the cash. He wasn’t going to bag the HoH anyway, so that’s a good plan. We kind of wonder if he was actually trying to throw it though and pretend he was sucking at it. Hope that doesn’t come back and bite him in the ass when maybe the new HoH realizes… hey, Derrick has never been on the block and maybe he’s a really big threat…

8:10 PM – Everyone still going. Victoria and Derrick will not win. Frankie, Christine, Caleb, and Frankie still in the running.

8:20 PM – Derrick gets shoes that fit him correctly. Maybe that would have been good before halfway through the competition.

8:25 PM – Everyone still going, Caleb, Frankie, and Christine are the leaders with Nicole slightly behind and Victoria and Derrick out of the running pretty much. Derrick still going for money.

8:40 PM – Frankie says his fingers are blue. Caleb and Christine are really close with Frankie right behind them, followed by Nicole.

8:50 PM – Christine may now have a slight lead, but she just took a very hard fall too and dropped one of her scoops of water. Derrick is getting close to getting the 5k prize.

8:54 PM – Derrick says only half jokingly that he is going to need a medic after this competition with ice packs, ace bandages, icy hot… and a catheter. Frankie is now making some really distressing noises.

9:05 PM – Derrick thinks he can grab the coal from the small snowman for the 5k but production isn’t letting him yet. We’ve been at this for two hours now.

9:07 PM – Production apparently tells Derrick he can grab the coal and he wins 5k and gets to sit down. We bet he’s feeling glad about that now. He better hope it doesn’t hurt his game later though that he went for the money instead of the HoH. Derrick volunteers to be a Have-Not for this week.

9:08 PM – Nicole looks out of the running at this point. She’s obviously exhausted and she keeps dripping out half her water on the way to the snowman. Not good for Nicole as she is the next big target for the guys. At least for now.

9:14 PM – Looks like it will be Caleb or Christine as Frankie falls behind.

9:18 PM – Now it appears Caleb may be just a tiny bit ahead of Christine. He’s been controlled and steady most of the competition.

9:20 PM – Caleb tries to grab the coal but can’t get it. So close. He turns too fast and takes a nasty fall and rolls on to his head.

9:24 PM – Beast Mode Cowboy Caleb has won!

Frankie tackles Caleb. Nicole crawls over for a hug. Christine falls over and hugs Caleb’s leg.

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