Who Won Power of Veto Tonight on Big Brother All-Stars? (9/2/20)

Last week legendary Big Brother All-Star player Janelle Pierzina was evicted leaving her ride-or-die, Kaysar Ridha, alone in the Big Brother house without any allies. When a house majority alliance member, Enzo Palumbo, won the Head of Household this week, there was no surprise that Kaysar was nominated to the block and targeted for eviction. Enzo also nominated Kevin Campbell as a pawn to sit on the block with Kaysar.

Big Brother All-Stars Kaysar Ridha

Kaysar will most likely be voted out of the Big Brother house tomorrow evening unless he is able to save his own game. He can win the golden Power of Veto and take himself off the block, he can talk another houseguest that won the POV to use it on him and take him off the block, or he can convince enough people to vote for Kevin to be evicted saving Kaysar. Will Kaysar be able to work some magic and save his Big Brother game with a POV win? We will find out tonight.

Week Four Block Nominations Fallout

Kaysar wasn’t that surprised that he was nominated to the block. Kevin was put up just as a pawn to fill to second slot, according to Enzo. Kevin was completely blindsided and embarrassed by his placement to the block. He trusted Enzo, and he wants some answers as to why he was put on the block.

During a private conversation with Enzo, he assured Kevin that he was out up on the block just as a pawn. Enzo explained he was not the target Kaysar was the target for eviction this week. Enzo stressed to Kevin that he just needed to trust him. Kevin had no choice and vowed to win the POV to save his own game.

Kaysar spoke to Enzo about the situation, and Enzo explained that most of the house wanted Kaysar gone. Enzo said he couldn’t ruffle feather or go against the house by targeting someone else. Kaysar has a tough road ahead of him to save his game this week.

Week Four Power of Veto Competition

As usual, the HOH and the two block nominees automatically compete in the POV competition. Enzo, Kaysar, and Kevin are the automatic selections. The other three players randomly selected were Tyler Crispen, Bayleigh Dayton, and David Alexander.

This competition is called Puppet Master. The houseguests must hold onto the puppet strings for dear life while they are being manipulated by the puppet master. They are also hit with wet paint in various vibrant colors while trying to hang onto their puppet strings. The last houseguest left holding onto their puppet strings wins the golden power of veto.

Big Brother All-Stars POV

Kaysar was the first puppet to fall from his puppet strings and is eliminated from the competition. At roughly the 18 minute mark, Enzo falls and is out. Ten minutes later, Tyler falls and is eliminated. At the 33 minute mark, Bayleigh lost footing on the rope and was unable to regain her slip-up.

Kevin and David are the final two houseguests in the competition. David fell from the ropes leaving Kevin as the last man standing. He won the golden POV.

Big Brother All-Stars Kevin Campbell

Christmas Abbott spoke with Enzo alone and offered herself as a pawn to go on the block as a replacement to Kevin. She said it would help the other houseguests in to thinking they are not working together. Enzo isn’t sure he wants to make that move and risk her actually being evicted by some weird Big Brother play.

Dani, Bay and Da’Vonne Rogers decide they need an alliance meeting of the Slick Six to discuss the options for the replacement nominee to the block. Dani came up to the HOH room and Tyler and Nicole were sitting in there together. She screwed up royally and said she wanted to call a meeting. The problem is Tyler is in the Slick Six, but Nicole is not in that alliance. Tyler tried to play it off because Dani just turned around without explanation and left.

Tyler takes this info to Enzo, and he says he now has three choices for the block. He can put up Christmas as the safe pawn, he can nominate Ian Terry who is a former winner and has been on Enzo’s radar, or he can put up Dani for her slip up.

Week Four Power of Veto Ceremony

To no surprise, Kevin uses the POV and takes himself off the block. In the end, Enzo takes the easy road and nominates Christmas to the block as the replacement nominee. Join us again tomorrow night Thursday, September 3 at 8 PM EST/ 9 PM CST for the the live eviction vote on Big Brother All-Stars.

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