Big Brother 25 Spoilers: The Night 1 Alliances

Big Brother 25 Live Feeds: Matt, Kirsten, Reilly, Jared, and Luke form an alliance

It’s been less than 24 hours in the Big Brother 25 house and alliances have already started to form. Obviously, because this is only the first night, things can quickly fall apart with these groups. Additionally, they are already showing cracks. The stronger alliances will start to form later. These will likely happen after the first Head of Household competition or after the first eviction.

Nevertheless, it’s always fun to look at these initial alliances and see if they last further than the first night. Cirie, Felicia, Mecole, Jared, and Kirsten‘s alliance is the one to watch right now. The core four are Mecole, Felicia, Cirie, and Kirsten. Felicia wants to add  Jared to this group as the fifth member.

This alliance wants to implement a Cookout strategy with them each getting a plus one. However, Kirsten socializing to keep herself in the house, and already talking a little too much and giving too much information, has made her alliance already begin to worry about her. However, Kirsten and Mecole are close at the moment,  so she might not be as easily swayed against her. 

Big Brother 25 Live Feeds-Kirsten and Mecole talk

Cirie and Jared already have their sights set on trying to get Cory out of the game, but if Cory manages to get off the block this week, Kirsten might become a secondary target, depending on if nominations change or not. 

The second alliance to watch is the Phalanx 5, which includes Jared, Matt, Luke, Reilly, and Kirsten. However, this alliance doesn’t seem that solid so far. However, Jared has spoken about trusting Luke and Matt. He also believes that Reilly has already become a popular player, so he may continue to work with them, but may not see a long-term future with working with Kirsten. Obviously, the strongest alliance is between Jared and Cirie.

There are also a lot of smaller bonds forming. Izzy is already becoming a close ally with Jared and Cirie because she knows their secret and doesn’t plan to share it. Reilly and Jag seem to be becoming close friends. Jag and Reilly have already discussed forming an alliance with Blue, and potentially others, especially those that they share a room with (Cameron and Matt).

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