Big Brother 25 Week 1 Head of Household (08/03/23) Results

Big Brother 24 Julie ChenBig Brother 25 premiere night kicks off with a major twist. There will be four nominees and the Head of Household will not pick them. This sent the houseguests scrambling. It also starts the season with a lot of questions. These include: will there still be four houseguests by the end of the week? Will there be a Head of Household this week? And if so, will they have any true power? Will this week play out like a normal week?

Lots of questions and very few answers.

Well, now we have some answers to some of these pressing questions. It’s been a long less than 24 hours for the houseguests and the Live Feed watchers. Today became even longer as the houseguests competed in their second competition of the season. They competed to see who would become the first Head of  Household of the season.

We don’t know exactly what this week’s HOH will do because nominations have already been set. However, they may have the power to choose between the four nominees and leave two (or more) nominees on the block. He or she may also decide who goes up after the Power of Veto competition.

So who won the first Big Brother 25 Head of Household of the season? Read below to find out.



Reilly won the Head of Household!

It seems that Reilly may have to power to save one or multiple players who have already been nominated because of the premiere night competitions (Jared, Kirsten, Felicia, and Cory) from the Block.

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