Big Brother 22 Spoilers: Week 3 Eviction Predictions-Will History Repeat Itself?

This has been a hard week for Big Brother old school (or just Kaysar Ridha and Janelle Pierzina) fans. The Big Brother 22 besties find themselves once again on the block together. We’ve seen this movie three times, and each time it gets a little bit harder to watch. Janelle and Kaysar have been targets for the Big Brother 22 house since week one, despite Cody Calafiore and Tyler Crispen‘s denial. They kind of lucked out the first two weeks, but their luck has run out (possibly) with one of them likely going home this week.

Big Brother All-Stars Janelle Kaysar

This is the third time that Janelle and Kaysar have ended up on the block together. They did it in all three seasons they’ve played together, and it usually ends with Kaysar leaving before jury, and Janelle making it pretty far (but not winning) the game. Will Big Brother: All-Stars finally change history?

Janelle is an old school Big Brother player, and she knows what the fans want to see. She’s been fighting all week to stay in the house, making some very valid points. Kaysar has also been campaigning for his Big Brother life, just nowhere near the same passion as Janelle. However, all Janelle’s hard work doesn’t look like it’s paying off because there are some players who just refuse to listen to logic and want Janelle gone from the game. Janelle went into this week already at a disadvantage with Nicole Franzel and Daniele Donato-Briones set on taking her out this week.

She had some help with Bayleigh Dayton-Williams trying to keep her in the game, and players like Enzo Palumbo, Cody Calaifiore, and Tyler Crispen saw how it’s better for their game if Janelle stays over Kaysar, but the men don’t want to lose Dani, Christmas Abbott, and Nicole as allies.


Unless a big shift happens in the next few hours, Janelle will be the third player to leave the Big Brother 22 game. Now where things could get interesting is if Big Brother throws a twist to save Janelle.   Maybe a new secret battle back room? We’ll have to wait to see.

Who do you hope leaves the Big Brother: All Stars house tonight? And who do you think will be evicted?

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