Who Was Evicted Tonight on Big Brother All-Stars? (8/27/20)

Many O.G. Big Brother fans are dreading the eviction vote tonight. A Big Brother legend will be sent home by the new kids on the block inside the Big Brother All-Stars house. For the third time in Big Brother history, Janelle Pierzina and Kaysar Ridha are on the block together, and one will be evicted from the Big Brother house under the HOH of Tyler Crispen.

Big Brother All-Stars Janelle Kaysar

After Tyler and his house majority alliance got wind that Janelle and Kaysar were onto their newly formed alliance, Tyler made it his mission to break up the power duo. Neither Kaysar nor Janelle were able to win the golden Power of Veto to bring themselves off the block, and POV winner Cody Calafiore is team Tyler so that didn’t help the duo either. Janelle has seemed to be Tyler’s top pick this week, but was she able to talk her way back into his good graces? If Janelle is evicted, is Kaysar the next target to go?

Week Three Power of Veto Fallout

Tyler apologized to Janelle for putting and Kaysar on the block.He admitted that everyone in the house threw her and Kaysar under the bus. Tyler is starting to have second thoughts about his decision this week and wonders if this will put a bigger target on his back.

Last Minute Wheeling and Dealing: Janelle or Kaysar

The Slick Six (Day Rogers, Bayleigh Dayton, Dani Donato, Enzo Palumbo, Cody, and Tyler) meet to discuss which houseguest should be evicted, Kaysar or Janelle, this week. Many of the group feel as though which ever stays in the house should be the target next week.

Janelle and Kaysar agree that Janelle is the target this week, and Kaysar will be staying in the Big Brother house. Kaysar is unsure on how to proceed when Janelle is evicted as he has never survived longer than her in the game. This includes both seasons Big Brother 6 and Big Brother 7.

Janelle is doing her best to secure six votes in the eviction so she can stay in the Big Brother house. She feels as if she has Memphis Garrett’s vote, but he has lied to her many times before and his alliance wants her evicted. Janelle approached Kevin and thinks she has his vote. Janelle has a pretty strong friendship with Bayleigh and has her vote if she can convince enough of the other houseguest to keep her.

Big Brother All-Stars Eviction

Bayleigh suggested that Janelle visit Cody and see if she can get his support as he would pull in some of the other guys like Enzo. Janelle pitched her best offer to him, and Cody seems to be considering the offer for Janelle to stay.

Week Three Live Eviction

Dani Votes to Evict Kaysar
Nicole Franzel Votes to Evict Janelle
Enzo Votes to Evict Kaysar
Day Votes to Evict Janelle
Memphis Votes to Evict Janelle
Bayleigh Votes to Evict Janelle
Cody Votes to Evict Janelle
Christmas Abbott Votes to Evict Janelle
David Alexander Votes to Evict Janelle
Kevin Campbell Votes to Evict Janelle
Ian Terry Votes to Evict Janelle

By a vote of 9 to 2, the legend Janelle Pierzina has been evicted from Big Brother All-Stars.

Big Brother All-Stars Eviction Night

During her exit interview with host Julie Chen Moonves, Janelle admitted that she gravitated towards the old school players. Janelle was shocked to hear Memphis completely tricked her and lied to her about having her back. Janelle is very worried about Kaysar now as he thinks Memphis is his ally.

Week Four Head of Household Competition

This week’s HOH competition is called Carnival Quick Shot. The game will be played in two groups of six houseguests. The first guest to participate is Day, David, Nicole, Ian, Enzo, and Kaysar. Each player has three balls, and they must roll all three balls up a ramp in an attempt to sink them in the holes at the top of the ramp. The first three houseguests to successfully sink their balls into the holes will advance to the final round.

Big Brother All-Stars HOH Comp Carnival Quick Shot

Round two will put the remaining six houseguests against one another where the fastest three players will advance to the final and championship round. In the final round, the fastest player to successfully roll all three balls into their holes at the top of the ramp wins the HOH for week four in Big Brother All-Stars.

The competition is underway, and the results will be available on CBS All Access or join us back here on Sunday, August 30th at 8 PM EST/ 7 PM CST for the HOH results.

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