America’s Favorite Player from last season, Nicole Anthony, was evicted from the Big Brother All-Stars house during the last episode making her the second player evicted from the game. She was sitting next to the most inexperienced player in the game of All-Stars this season (David Alexander), but she still couldn’t swing staying inside the Big Brother house. She pissed off week two Head of Household (HOH) Memphis Garrett, and there was just no turning back.

Big Brother All-Stars Tyler Crispen

The week three HOH was won by Tyler Crispen, the runner-up in Big Brother 20. Tyler lost the winning title that season to Kaycee Clark by one vote… yep, one lousy vote. How will Tyler handle his HOH win this week, and who will he nominate to the block for eviction this week? Who will play in the Safety Suite competition for the final week? Let’s find out tonight.

Week Three Head of Household Aftermath

Tyler is all about going after Janelle Pierzina and Kayser Ridha after he found out they were talking about him and his alliance for the past week. Janelle and Kayser assume they will be targets for eviction this week.

Big Brother All-Stars Janelle and Kayser

Janelle Pierzina and Kayser Ridha bonding during their first season of playing Big Brother together.

Tyler and his main alliance including Dani Donato, Memphis, Nicole Franzel, Cody Calafiore, and Christmas Abbott agree that Janelle or Kayser need to go. Tyler is also part of the Slick Six that includes Da’Vonne Rogers, Enzo Palumbo, Bayleigh Dayton, Dani, and Cody. They all feel comfortable with Tyler as HOH with the alliance they have with him inside the Big Brother house.

Week Three Have-Nots

David selected Enzo for his place as a have-not this week. Actually, Enzo volunteered for the position, but David wanted to pick Memphis. Cody volunteered to take Kayser’s pick for the week. Christmas has Bayleigh offer to take her pick for the week. Finally, Nicole picked Janelle as a have-not and made sure to throw shade her way by saying Janelle had enjoyed talking about her this past week. It’s official, Bayleigh, Enzo, Janelle, and Cody are the have-nots this week.

Week Three Safety Suite

Janelle and Kayser approached Memphis about playing in the Safety Suite this week and saving one of them, Memphis promised he would. In the Diary Room, Memphis revealed he had no intention on winning and saving either of their games.

This week, Enzo, Nicole, Memphis and Dani are the only houseguests that still have an opportunity to play in the final week of this Big Brother All-Stars twist.

Not long before the Safety Suite comp, Dani overheard a meeting that included Day and Janelle amongst others. The slick six was very surprised to hear that Day was working with Janelle, especially Tyler.

This competition is called Stealing Safety. The players must cross a laser beam filled room to retrieve a Safety Sphere from the Safety vault and bring it back to the entrance without triggering any of the lasers. If a laser is triggered, the player must hit the button to turn the lasers back on and start that section over. The houseguest with the fastest time wins this competition and safety for the week including a plus one.

Big Brother All-Stars Nicole Franzel

Enzo won the competition and chose Christmas as his plus one. Memphis finished with an outrageous time which made Janelle aware he threw the comp so he didn’t have to save her this week. Day was a bit swole that Enzo didn’t pick her as his plus one, and she plans on keeping them on her radar.

Week Three Block Nominations

At the nominations ceremony, Tyler chose Janelle and Kayser for his two nominees for eviction this week. Can either houseguest win the Power of Veto (POV) and save their games?

Join us again Wednesday, August 26th at 8 PM EST/ 7 PM CST for the Power of Veto competition episode recap.

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