Big Brother Spoilers: Week 7 Power Rankings – 8/13/2015

We are headed into a Double Eviction night on Big Brother 17 tonight, so this is not the time to be lowest in the pecking order among the Houseguests. Unfortunately for a few of our Big Brother 2015 players, they will find out at the end of the night that they made all the wrong moves this past week.

Who will wield the eviction power tonight? (CBS)

Who will be evicted on Big Brother tonight and be the first Houseguests going to Jury? Well, we are pretty sure which Houseguest going out the door. The second victim of the evening will be all about who wins that first Head of Household Competition. We take a look at who is most likely to be in the most danger of going home in our Big Brother rankings for week 7!

11. Shelli Poole – Shelli really was going to be safe this week, but her not campaigning to Jackie, James and Meg really hurt her game. I don’t see why someone who played well for four weeks would lay down and die. The sad thing is Clay gave up his game for her and she repaid him by showing her entitlement — as if she was too good to campaign!

10. Vanessa Russo – Vanessa is in trouble during the double eviction considering almost half the house would most certainly nominate her. Vanessa is lucky to still be in the game this week and she owes her game to James. I wouldn’t be shocked if she left during the double eviction because everyone knows her game.

Big Brother 17 Episode 20 (2)

9. Becky Burgess – Becky really needed Vanessa to leave the game this week and with Vanessa likely staying she will be a huge target. Her game was exposed as the rat for Clay and Shelli last week. For Becky, she needs to hope John, Jackie, James or Meg win and she should be safe in that scenario.

8. Johnny Mac – His game deteriorated this week when the house flipped to save Vanessa. It’s very possible if Austin, Liz, Julia and Vanessa get HOH he might sit on the block next to Becky. The reason he is lower is because he would go home against Becky. It’s do or die time for John and he is going all out for this HOH.

7. Steve Moses – If Steve really plans to go through with his plans of throwing HOH, then it’s very possible he will be tossed on the block and the reason is because he has a low list of allies. I don’t think Vanessa trusts him anymore and his entire trust is put in himself not throwing it or John keeps him safe this week.

6. Liz Nolan – Liz is pretty low on the list because if she sits next to Austin or Julia she is likely done for this week. It would take a scenario of Vanessa winning the POV that would send her home, but many prefer her sister to her. The problem for Liz is she spends way too much time hanging around Austin.

Big Brother 17 Episode 20 (5)

5. James Huling – For James to be taken out in the double eviction it would mean Vanessa has to break her word if her side wins HOH. The problem for James is he is such a huge threat in the game. He can win competitions and he split apart the power duo of Clay & Shelli in the house.

4. Jackie Ibarra – Jackie is a possible double eviction boot if someone like Vanessa breaks her word because of her connections with James and Meg. They are a trio together and moving forward that can scare many players in the game. She is also very competitive and that is a threat. Good news for her is she survives against James on the block if she is next to him, but goes home against Meg.

3. Julia Nolan – Julia is safe moving forward because her sister Liz is a bigger target and Vanessa is another shield for her. Julia is really well liked by Jackie and Meg, so I can’t see Julia being booted. But at some point, Julia is going to have to win something and make a move to show she’s a gamer, but if not she can pretty much sit back and not be targeted.

2. Austin Matelson – It’s odd to think Austin would have been backdoored in week 4, but his gameplay is actually pretty good lately. He has three possible shields in front of him Vanessa, Julia and Liz. Jackie, James and Meg trust him way more in the game than any three of them and they actually want to work with him. What Austin is doing right is being social with the After dark crew who trust him way more than they should.

1. Meg Maley – Meg doesn’t know much about the game dynamics, but she is the safest person in the game at this point. We can question her instincts, bad gameplay, but the rule of BB is survival and she has that locked down. Meg is coasting through the game and is seen as the pawn. Meaning whoever sits next to her will go home.

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