Big Brother 17: How Becky’s Eviction Plan Went Off the Rails

Here are some words for you to mull over: Alliance. Deal. Plan.

The dictionary defines the word alliance as “a merging of efforts or interests by persons, families, states, or organizations.” Deal is defined as “an arrangement for mutual advantage.” The definition of Plan is “a detailed proposal for doing or achieving something.”

Becky listens as Vanessa pitches her a deal. (CBS)

What do the words Alliance, Deal, and Plan all have in common? They have NO place in the Big Brother 17 house!

WARNING: This post contains Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds. Please do not proceed if you do not want spoilers!

“Vanessa,” Green Beanie whispers, “they are scheeeming on you!”

Vanessa throws her hands up to her head, squeezing Green Beanie closer to her skull. “Oh no! What do you mean GB?

“There are lies!” Green Beanie snaps. “Mean, dirty, filthy lies, flying all around!”

“No!” Vanessa whimpers, “You know I hate lies!

“We both do! You can’t trust the Train Fighter and her allies; they are out for your bloodied hands!”

“That CAN’T be! We have a totally one-sided deal that I have no intentions of sticking to! She can’t go against that!”

Green Beanie sends a surge of electricity to Vanessa’s brain! Vanessa shudders. “Foolish girl!” Green Beanie says. “She can go against it; and she will! You must go to her right now and make a deal! Give her your word! Dazzle her with your unmatched faux integrity!! Spin girl, spin!”

“Yes, GB! I will go to her right now!

And that’s how week seven of Big Brother 17 began!

After the Romance of the Century was so “unfairly” interrupted by newly crowned King James and his, uh… “Angels” last Thursday night, Becky managed to slip and slide her way to victory in the Head of Household competition.  This feat gained Becky Head of Household, $5,000 and a Never Not Pass that exempts her from ever having to be a Have Not for the rest of the season!

With a singular goal in mind, Becky was excited to share with her allies (James, Jackie & Meg aka JJM) her great plan to backdoor Vanessa. After witnessing Vanessa have one too many breakdowns and blowups, which often resulted in the person on the receiving end being sent out of the door, Becky had had enough and knew that her allies would be happy to hear the good news!

The Plan: Nominate Steve and Shelli; backdoor Vanessa.

The Deal: Vote out Vanessa, remain in Becky’s good graces!

While Becky’s alliance was initially on board with her plan, Becky made a few, quite potentially fatal, errors along the way that may end up upending the plan.

The truth is that Vanessa is a great target. Another truth is that if they get out Vanessa, Shelli would still be in the house and out for blood… A further truth is that she would be able to play for the Double Eviction HOH and she is very good at HOH competitions. Shelli is clearly gunning for James due to him getting out her Betrothed-In-Her-Head beau, Clay.  If she wins, she puts James up. If he wins Power of Veto, her next targets are Jackie and Meg. These are just a fact. These pesky facts have become Becky’s biggest pain in the bum!

Problem Number One with Becky’s plan – Not Soliciting Advice and Opinions from Her Allies

This step may sound unnecessary when everyone states that they are on board with you, but when you are playing the game of Big Brother, there are ways to finesse situations to get what you want. Instead of Becky sitting down and asking what her allies wanted, she told them what she was going to do and how she would do it.  Since Vanessa IS a great target for eviction, there was never a point where JJM expressed many concerns.

Talking out a plan/scenario makes it easier to weigh the pros and cons of your choices. It also makes it easier to prepare counterarguments for why your way will work and alert you to any potential red flags. This is a process that never took place. There was never a time when Becky and JJM sat down and talked about who would be the better target for the longevity of their alliance, as a whole.

Telling people what you are going to do also has an air of finality about it and puts people in the mindset that it is a done deal. For JJM’s part, they had days to think about what is better for them and never tried to sway Becky to go another direction. The problem is that new information came to light once Vanessa was nominated. This leads us to problem number two!

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