Big Brother 17 Recap: Double Eviction Night Madness! 8/13/2015

Who was evicted on Big Brother 17 tonight in the Double Eviction? Will the Goblins survive with their threesome intact? Will The Sixth Sense alliance lose two of their members in less than an hour? So much excitement crammed all in one evening!

Big Brother 17 Double Eviction (1)

After a massive vote flip just a couple of days before the live eviction on Thursday, the first Houseguest going to Jury this season was pretty much decided. The real excitement is all about what happens in the whole week of competitions shoved into just one hour before the second live eviction of the night..

WARNING: This post contains Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds and CBS show. Please do notproceed if you do not want spoilers!

There is little doubt Shelli would be the first to get the boot this week after the ‘Goblins’ vote flip to go against HoH Becky’s plan to oust Vanessa. Unfortunately for Shelli, she didn’t campaign hard enough, fast enough, and was quickly undercut by Vanessa’s manipulations of the other Houseguests. Somehow, Vanessa continues to convince everyone it is better to keep her in the house, when she’s really about the most dangerous person in there.

The second eviction of the night, of course, is harder to call. It all depends on who wins the Head of Household, and what happens in the Power of Veto Competition. However, we can tell you that we think the people most in danger of getting the boot in the second eviction this evening are Becky, Johnny Mac, or Vanessa. (The last one being only if people will really get their heads on straight and recognize her for the huge threat she is.)

If Vanessa wins HoH, she’ll put up Becky and Johnny Mac, with Becky as the target. Steve would also target Becky, but he plans to throw the competition (again). Johnny Mac would probably target Vanessa and maybe put up Austin or one of the twins. The Goblins (Meg, James, and Jackie) would also go after Vanessa, we think, but that could end up in a Johnny Mac eviction if they put him up against her. Austin and the twins would be after Johnny Mac, especially since Austin is tight with Steve and Vanessa.

Welcome to the craziest night of Big Brother all summer long!

Big Brother 17 Double Eviction (1)

First up we have a short recap of the week up until now, then it’s on to the show as quickly as possible, because it’s Double Eviction night baby!

The two Houseguests eliminated this evening will be the first two players to go to Jury. BUT FIRST! The Sixth Sense is crumbling and another one of them will be going home tonight. It’s Shelli versus Vanessa, and now the house has to decide which one will be going out.

Shelli feels like she is safe because Becky has told her Vanessa is the target. Austin is closer to Vanessa, but worries she won’t have the votes to stay. Becky wants Vanessa out, and she thinks she has the votes, but she’s not putting anything past Vanessa.

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Vanessa is confused about why Becky broke the deal last week that none of the eight people who bonded together to get Clay out would put each other up on the block. Vanessa confronts Becky, but Becky just shuts her down and won’t even discuss it further. All she will say is that she felt Vanessa forced her to agree to that deal last week, and she’s done. Vanessa calls her cold-hearted and starts crying.

Vanessa campaigns to Steve for his vote, but in Diary Room Steve says he can’t piss off Johnny Mac. Especially since he doesn’t think Vanessa has any chance of staying. He tells Vanessa though that he just needs to cover his vote. She wants to know why he would need to do that. He says that he has to cover himself and his game. In Diary Room, Vanessa says if she can’t count on Steve this week, that’s a personal betrayal.

James the prankster scares the heck out of one of the twins by hiding in her bed and leaping at her when she crawls into it. He’s been having a great time scaring people in the house.

Big Brother 17 Double Eviction (1)

Vanessa cries to James that she is in this “super unfair” situation because she gave her word and stuck to it, and other people didn’t. She says that Becky told her that her target would be James if she won HoH. She says Becky told Clay and Shelli everything that James and his crew said when he was HoH.

James says in Diary Room that he knew there was a rat in the HoH last week. He talks with Meg and Jackie about who really needs to go more. They agree that Shelli needs to go, but would she hold a grudge afterwards. (Because she is going to Jury, and might go back in the house even.)

Now it’s time to reveal the Double Eviction to the Houseguests! But Julie tells them that just because you are out of the house, it doesn’t mean you are out of the game…

Big Brother 17 Double Eviction (1)

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