Big Brother 21 Week 5 Alliance Updates: Are the Six Shooters Finally Cracking?

For over five weeks inside the Big Brother 21 house, the same house majority alliance has been in control. Whether it was Gr8ful, which turned into Und9able, which then turned into Six Shooters, the same core group of houseguests have been picking off players one-by-one. Even when we thought a major shot would be taken at the Six Shooters, like  last week with Cliff Hogg III‘s Head of Household, something would happen to make a deal happen with the Six Shooters to ensure that the alliance lives on for another day.

Big Brother 21
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However, something is definitely different this week with the Six Shooters. Despite a core member of the Six Shooters, Holly Allen, being HOH, there is a rift starting to show.  It started at the HOH comp, when two of the alliance members went head-to-head, Holly and Analyse Talavera, for the victory rather than making a deal. This seemed strange with them both being on the same team and all.

At the center of the rift between Holly and Analyse was Holly’s showmance partner and fellow alliance member, Jackson Michie. While Analyse continually tried to strike a deal with Holly, Michie was in Holly’s ear telling her not to break and giving her encouragement to stay in the comp. In the end, Holly won, but the bad blood was spilled in the group.

Big Brother 21
Holly and Michie talk game in the storage room.

Things this week have been a bit complicated since Holly’s target for the week, Nick Maccarone, won the Power of Veto  competition and took himself off the block. That move, it seems, finally created a crack in the Six Shooters, one that may prove to be their ultimate demise. The group had trouble coming to an agreement on who to target next. They could target the remaining block member, Sam Smith, or they could backdoor Nicole Anthony and send her packing this week while the opportunity exists.

Kathryn Dunn, who isn’t even an official member of the alliance, offered herself as a pawn to go on the block next to Sam. She felt confident enough in her game that she wasn’t worried sitting next to Sam and going home this week. However, others felt Sam wasn’t exactly the right choice to send home this week.

Big Brother 21 Kathryn Dunn
Not a member of the Six Shooters, Kat offered herself as a pawn.

In particular, Analyse, wants to see Nicole go home over Sam right now. She feels that Nicole is very shady, and she is very worried that Nicole will target her, given the opportunity. Analyse also feels as though Sam would be a contender to go after fellow alliance members Michie and Jack Matthews in the upcoming weeks of competition.

Fellow Six Shooter alliance members Christie Murphy and Tommy Bracco are all for sending Sam home this week. Both can’t see any threat caused by Nicole and her Big Brother game. Not to mention that Christie has wanted Sam and Nick gone for some time now, but Nick may have a new lifeline in the game.

Now that Nick won the POV and took himself off the block, can he spot the crack in the Six Shooters and take advantage of that crack moving forward? What choice does Nick have at this point? Other than the Six Shooters, you have Cliff, Nicole, Kathryn, Jessica Milagros, Sam, and Nick left in the game.

One houseguest from the “other side” will go home this week leaving 5 fairly weak players (excluding maybe Cliff, Sam, and Nick) against a more robust set of Big Brother 21 players . Anyway you look at it, if the Six Shooters stay in tact, there is not an option of putting together another strong group to rival their power or numbers.

Nick would have to infiltrate the Six Shooters to get any power back in the Big Brother 21 house. Analyse was already gunning for Sam to stay this week. Maybe she could have a change of heart about working with Nick and bring in another couple of fellow alliance members. Nick really has nothing to lose. As long as the Six Shooters are together and keep winning HOH, he will be the target.

Big Brother 21
Nick is already working his angles inside the Big Brother house.

In the end, we know that Holly played it safe and put up Kathryn next to Sam on the block for eviction. Kat isn’t going anywhere, and Sam should definitely be packing his bags to meet Julie Chen Moonves on Thursday evening. Just another predictable week inside the Big Brother house.

Based on the history of Big Brother, the house majority alliance has to crack at some point. Sooner than later is better for us fans. Watching them mow over player after player isn’t great TV. How long can the Six Shooters hang in there? Are the cracks showing going to be their imminent demise? Can Nick make something out of nothing to save his game? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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