Big Brother 21 Live Feeds Spoilers Day 42: Failed Acts of Savagery

The Big Brother 21 houseguests settled into the week as Sam Smith planned to try to cause some waves by throwing Christie Murphy under the bus with his eviction speech. Holly Allen, Kathryn Dunn, and Jackson Michie continued to discuss not exactly trusting their alliance members.

The day wasn’t all game talk as Analyse Talavera and Jessica Milagros schemed to prank Jack Matthews, and the houseguests took turns zinging each other.

The houseguests started talking about zingbot, his past zings, and trying to guess what could be his zings for each of them. This escalated into Nick Maccarone especially doing his best impression of Zingbot. They joked and laughed as others tried to out zing each other. A few zings caused a chuckle or two, but nothing too legendary in terms of zing quality.

Analyse and Jack are constantly trying to scare each other. Yesterday, Jessica and Analyse thought it might be fun to try to scare Jack by hiding in a trashcan in the storage room. Jessica was given the task to try to make Jack come in the storage room so she could come out and scare him. Jessica failed at her simple task because she made it very obvious their intentions.

She also started laughing the minute Jack entered the storage room. He pulled the lid off and exposed Analyse’s plan. Analyse also fell over as Jack and her discussed her failed prank. Jess, Analyse, and Jack also decided to try to prank Jackson but they couldn’t find him, so they gave up.

Click the image for a closer look at Analyse and Jess’s prank on Jack

Sam told Analyse that he wanted to call Christie out in his eviction speech, and Analyse encouraged him to do it, but Nick told Sam there was no point. Sam hoped that by calling Christie out it could help Nick, Nicole Anthony, and Cliff Hogg III’s games. Nick convinced him that it just made him look petty and no one would believe him about Christie. Sam then had a change of heart and said he’d rather leave on good terms with everyone.

Nick and Sam also discussed what would be best for Nick’s game going forward. Nick didn’t want to go after the Six Shooters, instead, he wanted to try to get on their side. Sam encouraged him to not waste his time trying to be with the Six Shooters. He said they would want him out no matter what. His best option was to win Head of Household next week and try to get one of them out. Later, Cliff and Nick discussed that it would be best if they tried to get in with the Six Shooters and become a new eight person alliance. Nick and Cliff also made a final two deal.

They both agreed that the other side wasn’t really a team. With the Six Shooters, they could work with them to help strike against each other when the time was right. Cliff also said he would only target Jack if Christie gave him the okay to do so.

Jackson and Holly discussed their annoyance with Analyse and her flirty game play. They also said that people wouldn’t target Christie and Jack because they’re scared of them. Tommy and Christie finally ended their poison ivy punishment. Holly and Jackson discussed now having Holly sleep with Christie (now that her punishment is over) and Analyse to pull them back in with her. Later, Holly, Jess, and Kat had a spa day where they discussed the game and complained about others, like Analyse.

In the evening, the houseguests got some booze.  Sam discussed his eviction speech again with Nick and Nicole. They also mentioned whether Nick should go after the Six or play it safe by nominating Jess and Kat. Christie and Jack discussed Analyse’s growing feelings for him but him being more true to her.

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