Big Brother 21-Week #5 Power Rankings-The Bottom Feeders [POLL]

For the past four weeks, Six Shooter members have basically been in the top power position. This week, there were a little more cracks showing. This disruption in the unstoppable force that is the Six Shooters might be enough to let an Outsider player crawl a little closer to the top.

Another week has come and gone in the Big Brother 21 house. Has the power structure changed much during Holly Allen‘s Head of Household reign? Or are things still status quo as we presumably enter the jury phase of the game, which starts next Thursday. Let’s take a look at the Big Brother 21 week 5 power rankings.

12. Sam Smith

Sam Smith is out the door on Thursday night unless he experiences some sort of Big Brother miracle. I can’t say that Sam doesn’t completely deserve this, because he went along with things knowing that he sat in a weak position in the hierarchy of the Gr8ful/Unde9able alliances. He could have pushed for Nick Maccarone to make a move, or he could have leveraged his Power of Veto wins for a better game spot. Because of his complacency, Sam has to watch the rest of Big Brother 21 at home with his family. I bet he’ll be kicking himself for not trying to do anything more, and deservedly so.

11. Jessica Milagros

Sigh. I’m sorry but I can’t help but hide my frustration with Jessica Milagros. Sure, we have some less than desirable personalities this season in some of the cast, but to me Jessica is almost worse. She is just along for the ride, not bringing any entertainment or strategic insight. She’s not going to rock the boat until it’s too late, and even so she’s extremely unlikely to win power. If she does, I could see her just going along with whatever she’s told by players like Christie Murphy and Holly. It’s unfortunate, and she probably will be there longer than a few of the people above her, but at least they might be willing to do something. Even if she’s dragged along, she is not winning Big Brother 21, sorry.

10. Nick Maccarone

Nick has been working hard to get back in with the Six Shooters and have them forget about him and Isabella wAng, but it’s not really working. I think had he not won the Power of Veto that he’d have been the one going home this week. Perhaps worst of all, he might not even take a shot at the Six if he wins power again! Come on, Nick. Wake up. They’ve taken out your showmance and now your best buddy. You are next. Do something or you’ll be sitting in the jury house for the next two months. Hopefully Cliff Hogg III or Nicole Anthony can talk some sense into him if he does fall into a power position again.

9. Nicole Anthony

I still love Nicole but it’s been hard watching her this week. I think what happened with Bella really had an effect on her and she’s been playing scared ever since. It’s unfortunate because I think Nicole has promise and could shake up this game and get herself into a decent spot once things break open. But her name has continued to be dragged through the mud, and she narrowly escaped being a potential nominee this week. Hopefully she can get some inroads since people like Christie and Holly do see her as a useful player. I’m really banking on her and Cliff being able to do something in the home stretch of this game. Fingers crossed!

8. Kathryn Dunn

Volunteering to be on the block this week was definitely not a great move, but Kathryn Dunn is probably going to get away with it, and perhaps it elevates her ‘team player’ status. Kat is not in a terrible spot otherwise, having her ties with Holly being of the utmost importance. I think she may want to take a shot at Jackson Michie if she wins Head of Household, which would be fun to watch, but sometimes her gameplay baffles me. I’m not sure why Kat felt the need to out Cliff’s Angels and to aggressively target Nicole, but ultimately she’s not a target for the next few weeks, unless something weird happens with a power and she ends up as a victim of circumstance.

7. Cliff Hogg III

I still think Cliff should have made the move against the Six last week, but him not doing that has integrated him pretty well with the Six. There’s some conflict beneath the surface, but I do think he has a decent landing spot if and when the Six blows up. It seems that he’s more likely go with Jackson and Holly than the others, because he’s maintained that they are likely in a weaker spot. Everything is in place for him to make a decent run in this game, but he needs to make sure the Six Shooters break up. Otherwise he has maybe a few weeks remaining before he’s sitting in the jury house with Nick.

6. Analyse Talavera

Analyse Talavera hasn’t had a great week. She’s sort of been exposed as someone who has been going back and forth between the Christie/Tommy Bracco side of the Six, and the Holly/Jackson side. Sis is getting on all of their nerves, especially Kathryn, and they all are seeing through her. That said, I’m still not sure that she’s seen as a big threat for anyone. In fact, it’s possible she ends up being seen as someone very beatable in the final two and could be dragged along to the end, especially if Jessica goes home sooner rather than later. Her chances of winning are becoming slimmer and slimmer, and I think most of her alliance are more than okay with her going home if something happened and she was nominated as a pawn against someone who is a bigger target, like Jack Matthews or Christie, which isn’t outside the realm of possibilities.

5. Jackson Michie

Jackson and Holly perhaps missed their shot this week by not trying to go against Christie and Jack, because he remains a target for them. It’s still unclear when the war will finally start, but this week didn’t help his case. I think a part of him knows that they should have made a move, but part of him wants to continue to deny that he’s in a bad spot.I really hope this Field Trip twist doesn’t screw him over because we’re going to need Christie, Tommy, or Analyse to make a move against him for this game to blow wide open. If he’s just taken out by a twist or an outsider, I don’t see there being nearly as many waves and drama as their could be, and we’re in dire need of some of that.

4. Christie Murphy

Christie’s profile has been elevated, but hasn’t it always been? She’s got a lot of supporters but also some detractors and it’s all a matter of who is going to win out. I think ultimately she will, but her name just being tossed around a lot and her reputation taking a bit of a hit this week. Christie has been seen as the ringleader of the Six Shooters to some extent and the leader of the Tommy/Jack/Christie/Analyse sector of the alliance. It’s not great for the short term but if she staves off eviction for a while she could actually be a real threat to win this game. I’m not sure where it goes from here, it really depends on who wins power, if they are bold enough to make a move and where the outsiders of the house decide to stand.

3. Jack Matthews

It pains me to say this but Jack has been doing a decent job recently. He’s positioned himself and insulated himself right smack dab in the middle of the Six Shooters. I think he is ultimately more loyal to Christie and Tommy but I think both sides are thinking that they have him in their corner. His name is not being mentioned as much as it was in previous weeks. I think Christie has overtaken him as being the bigger power player. However, he could still find himself in hot water whether he’s nominated alongside Christie or at risk during the Field Trip twist, I don’t think he’s completely sitting pretty. At one point or another, they’ll see that it’s going to be his time to go, and I’m hoping it’s sooner rather than later.

2. Holly Allen

Despite Holly making perhaps the wrong move this week, she’s still in a pretty good spot. The only way I see her going out in the next few weeks would be if she’s nominated alongside Jackson, and he win the Power of Veto. Even then, it’s not a guarantee that she would go. Holly is generally liked and respected in the house, and had some of the stronger relationships outside of the Six Shooters. I feel that she’s probably not in any danger in the near future, and have faith that she can rebound if and when Michie is taken out before her (because he will be). Her relationship with Kat remains one of the most important ones in the house and she’s in pretty good with Cliff, Jessica and Nicole as well.

1. Tommy Bracco

Tommy is back in the top spot. He’s not doing a ton and that’s exactly what her needs to be doing. Christie and Jack are both shields in front of him and really, I don’t even think any of them would nominate him besides to maybe be a person to sit there to guarantee that the other goes home. He’s almost safe against anyone. I do wonder if he’ll be seen as a strong enough player if he sits in the end against Christie or Jack, or even Holly. But that’s still a long ways off and I think he can kick it into high gear if and when the time is right.

That’s all for this weeks power rankings. Are you on the same page as us? Let us know what you think, and we’ll see you back here next week!

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