Big Brother 21 Live Feeds Spoilers Day 39: The Spotlight Goes Back on Nicole

Nicole Anthony had a few good weeks of safety in the Big Brother 21 house, but then she became enemy number one. The Six Shooters distrust for Nick Maccarone became stronger than their distrust for Nicole, so she was able to fade into the background (again) for a week. Now her name is on everyone’s lips once more.

It started with Kathryn Dunn suspecting that Nicole was the one who told Nick that she knew about the vote flip. However, Tommy Bracco and Analyse Talavera didn’t think Nicole even knew that Kat knew, but if she did find out, it was because of Jackson Michie. Then Analyse mentioned not trusting nor being able to read Nicole as a player. However, Holly Allen and Tommy both agreed that Nicole was sketchy, but they didn’t want to target her this week. Holly even told Jackson that she was now pissed at Nicole, but saw her as a weak player, and not the one to get out this week.

Analyse even encouraged Sam Smith to make Nicole a bigger target than him, so that he had a better chance to stay in the game. Analyse wanted to keep him in the game, especially over Nick. Christie Murphy shared this sentiment and made sure to encourage people to vote out Nick this week (if he stayed on the block).

Jackson and Jack Matthews agreed that both Sam and Nick were dangerous, but for different reasons. They thought Sam was the better competitor, but Nick had the best ability to integrate himself back into the group. They agreed the safe option would be just to vote out Nick to not make Cliff Hogg III and Kat suspicious about them keeping Nick over Sam.

Sam ranted to his fellow Have-Not partner, Nicole, about many things, including Jessica Milagros. He said she was so convinced she was with the “in-crowd,” but she wasn’t with them. He also said that maybe he had been a little harsh complaining about her, and she actually wasn’t that bad. Sam also admitted that now he planned to nominate Jack and Holly. He wanted to split up the Six Shooters by forcing them to pick a side. He hoped the house would save Holly, but he knew it would reveal a lot by who they kept that week.

Sam also told Nicole that Ovi Kabir had the power and told Jack to tell Cliff about it when he left. Sam also ranted about Cliff not just flushing out Christie’s power.

Christie also talked to Holly and Jackson about Nick spreading the rumor that she wanted Michie out. She said that that wasn’t true, and Nick twisted her words.

After Nick’s Veto win, Christie immediately start discussing getting Sam out this week, and then trying to pull Nick back to them. The Six Shooters plus Kat debated between Sam and Nicole, but ultimately decided that Sam was a better competitor and the Sam and Nick duo was too dangerous. Holly said the only way she would nominate Nicole was if they agreed to evict her. She didn’t want that blood for no reason. So instead it was decided to go with the initial plan of nominating Kat as a pawn. They would also make it seem like Holly and Kat didn’t like each other, and Kat wasn’t working with the Six Shooters.

After the Six Shooters meeting, Analyse encouraged Sam to push for Nicole to go up, but Sam said he didn’t want to do that. Instead, Analyse pushed hard for Holly to spare Sam and target Nicole.

Analyse tried to pitch for Sam’s safety but Holly didn’t budge much on her plan to nominate Kat and target Sam. Meanwhile Christie’s paranoia made her start to question if Holly and Jackson were really working with Sam and Nick, especially when Analyse suggested that Holly might nominate Nicole.

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