Who Went Home on Celebrity Big Brother 2 Tonight? (02/02/2019)

Surprisingly, the Team Fun alliance including Kato Kaelin and Tom Green have maintained control of the Celebrity Big Brother 2 house by winning their second Head of Household competition in a row.  Tom’s win of the Slaughter House HOH competition gave the duo their fourth win this season clearly setting the stage for them to control this week’s eviction.  However, in true Big Brother fashion, a twist was introduced that has the entire house guessing who won the latest advantage in the game.

Celebrity Big Brother Tom Green

Tom felt that either Kandi Burruss or Joey Lawrence had won the Power of the Publicist thanks to America’s vote.  Consequently, he nominated both of them to the block on the last episode in hopes of flushing out the latest power.  Unfortunately for Tom, neither of those block houseguests are holding the power.  Tamar Braxton won the Power of the Publicist and no one in the Big Brother house has a clue.

Block Nominations Fallout

Kandi is quite furious that she was nominated to the block, especially since she doesn’t have any power.  Tom reveals that his plan is to hopefully back door Ricky Williams after the POV ceremony.  Ricky, Tom, and Kato seem to believe Tamar may have the power…ding, ding, ding…we have a winner.  Tom is still skeptical of Ricky and doubts whether or not he may have the power.  Tom is just simply all over the place.

Ricky and Kato have a confrontation with Lolo about whether or not Ricky is their 5th member of the alliance and his potential of having the power.  Lolo tells Tom that he is the most paranoid player in the game.  Lolo gets very emotional with Tom and says she can’t work with any emotional players…no, no, no emotional players.  Has Lolo looked in the mirror lately?

Power of Veto Competition

This competition is called Kick the Competition and will be played by Tom, Kandi, Joey, Lolo, Natalie Eva Marie, and Dina Lohan.  The players will go head-to-head two at a time against one another in an attempt to kick 3 field goals.  The first player to reach 3 field goals eliminates their opponent and another 2 players step up to compete against one another.

To make matters interesting, there is a linebacker blocking their kick.  The only way to make sure the houseguests get a clear kick is by spinning stationary for 30 seconds.  This will allow them 7 seconds to try and kick their field goal unblocked.  Game on!

The first two competitors are Lolo and Dina.  Lolo wins 3-0…poor Dina.  Joey faces off against Tom.  Both miss their kicks on the first attempt.  Tom wins in a close one.  Kandi and Tom are next up to face off.  Tom easily wins that round.  Tom, Natalie, and Lolo are left.

CBB Natalie Eva Marie

Natalie picks Tom even after he just competed twice in a row.  Natalie wins by the skin of her teeth.  The final round will be Lolo against Natalie.  In the end, Natalie won the golden Power of Veto.  She makes it clear that she will keep the nominations the same so that Ricky cannot be back doored.  How will Tom take the news?

Power of Veto Ceremony

At the POV ceremony, as expected, Natalie does NOT use the power and keeps the nominations the same.  Tom looks a bit surprised by this.  He feels as though his and Kato’s alliance with the girls is dead at this point in the game.

Lolo and Natalie visit the HOH to make things right with Tom and Kato.  Natalie tries to play it with them that Tom never made himself available today to talk game plan with the POV.  Ricky later joins the conversation and insists that the 5 need to stick together.  The fun five alliance is all but dead as they are all pretending to be together when in fact they are far from it.

Joey makes a power speech to Natalie, Lolo, and Tamar convincing them to keep him in the game to take out the biggest threat…Tom Green.  The girls eat it up hook, line, and sinker.  Joey finally decides to play Big Brother, it seems.

Finally, the Big Brother Fun Five alliance explodes.  Lolo goes crazy on Kato and Tom about how they have handled winning most of the comps in the game.  She tells them that they have pissed off everyone in the house with the way they have been acting.  Tom is upset that Lolo is taking this so much to heart when it is only a game, not the Olympics.  Lolo does play with her heart on her sleeve, no doubt there.  Once the dust settles, the four retreat to their own corners with no resolution.

Live Vote and Eviction Results

Lolo voted to evict Joey
Kato voted to evict Joey
Natalie voted to evict Joey
Tamar voted to evict Joey
Dina voted to evict Joey
Ricky voted to evict Joey

CBB Joey Lawrence

By a vote of 6 to 0, Joey was voted out of the Big Brother house.  During his exit interview with Julie Chen Moonves, Joey admitted that he was very sure he was going to be evicted tonight.  He also made some hilarious comments about Lolo and how she burns very hot.  Join us again Monday night at 9 PM/ 8 PM CST for an action packed episode including the next HOH competition, POV competition, and live eviction.

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