Big Brother 21 Live Feeds Spoilers Day 70: No Spice Taco Tuesday

Only a week ago, we had the infamous Taco Tuesday showdown between Christie Murphy and Nick Maccarone. It helped stay Christie in the game, and helped get a target on Nick’s back. It was one of the most exciting moments of Big Brother 21 thus far. Well, this Taco Tuesday had none of the same glory of the previous one.

It was a rather boring Tuesday with very little game talks or even excitement. The big event of the day was the mud mask party where everyone had a mini-spa day. The fans waited around hoping for another clown invasion, something, but we got nothing most of the day.

Nick continued to talk to Nicole Anthony about his campaign to stay this week. He also mentioned still feeling betrayed by Tommy Bracco, and how his lack of loyalty would hurt his endgame and voting potential. Nicole and Nick also discussed how Nicole heard (from Jessica Milagros) that Christie only planned to nominate men. Nick wanted to use that to strike some fear in Cliff Hogg III and Jackson Michie about

Christie targeting them, and this could hopefully help his case for staying this week.

Nick and Nicole also discussed how Christie was Jess’s puppet master. Nick also advised Nicole to link up with Holly and Jackson because they were more trustworthy and would have her back.

Cliff also discussed maybe just letting Nicole vote for Nick, but she would remain loyal to them and they had the votes to get him out.

Nick and Christie both practiced their campaigns, which should start today. Nick practiced with Nicole, and Christie with Holly. Jackson also mentioned possibly winning this week’s Head of Household if it’s physical and comes down to Tommy and him. He had previously planned to throw it.

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