Big Brother Power Rankings Week #9-Who Has the Most Power This Week [VOTE]?

So last week I was writing the power rankings during the big #TacoTuesday fight. I did not expect Christie Murphy to turn things around in the way that she did and ended up surviving another week. So, really anything can happen in this game and last week is living proof.


This Big Brother 21 week, Christie sits on the block again, alongside Nick Maccarone, so Taco Tuesday still looms large over whatever might happen this Thursday. While things aren’t looking good for Nick right now, I really think this could go either way. It ultimately likely comes down to what Head of Household Holly Allen wants, as Jackson Michie, Nicole Anthony, and Cliff Hogg III will likely follow suit. With that said, let’s jump into this week’s Big Brother 21 power rankings, before things get shifted around once again.

8. Nick Maccarone

I’m cautious to say that anyone is most likely going out the door Thursday after last week, but it does look like Nick is in some hot water. Whether he stays or goes, there’s a magnifying glass on him ever since last week’s epic Taco Tuesday. He is likely to go home though, but I think he could stay if he plays his cards right. He would need Nicole, Cliff and Jackson, and therefore Holly in order to swing the vote in his favor. If he would be willing to throw Tommy Bracco under the bus, and make him and Christie the main targets, I think he has a shot. Nicole certainly would like him to say. But if he does go, he has nobody to blame but himself. Somehow, he was awarded America’s Prankster and did absolutely nothing productive with the power. He had so many opportunities to approach Holly and get favor on his side, but he squandered them all. Honestly, I can’t say I’ll be sorry to see him go if that’s how things pan out.


7. Jessica Milagros


Jessica Milagros continues to exist, and that’s sort of been her story of the season besides taking out Jack Matthews a few weeks ago. Perhaps she could win another Head of Household and make a big move, but for now she’s a pawn in other people’s games. Christie right now has the most influence on Jess, and I think she’s likely to gun for Jackson and Holly as a result. She’s expendable to almost all of them and could really go home at any time. Yet it’s unlikely she’s anyone’s main target with only seven remaining next week and lot’s of big targets around. I’ve learned to keep expectations low for Jessica, and so I will. She’s along for the ride until she wins something or goes home, essentially.

6. Christie Murphy

If Christie survives the week, I think she’s actually in a pretty good spot. Holly and Jackson have been alerted by Nicole that Tommy is not on their side, and I think he very likely could become a bigger target than Christie. Because she’s survived an eviction now, Christie has somewhat been defamed and is a lot less scary than she was previously. If people continue to let her slide by, I’m nervous for them all because she’s willing to make the big moves and stands a good shot of winning if she were to make it to the final two. I’m very curious to see how Christie would play everything if she were to get into power. Her ties with Tommy and Jess should protect her somewhat, but if Nicole, Jackson, or Cliff win power she’ll likely be on the block once again. She’s irritating but entertaining to watch and so I can’t really complain about an extra week or two of Christie Murphy, and I’m excited to see what she’ll continue to do with her extra lives in this game. She really has the potential to break this game wide open.

5. Jackson Michie


While Jackson is the main target for Tommy, Christie and probably Jessica, Jackson has worked his way into a decent spot. A big part of that has been the fact that he and Holly have been in power for the past two weeks, and he’s been winning a majority of the competitions to boot. His final four deal with Holly, Nicole, and Cliff has cemented a spot for him, despite doubts that Cliff and Nicole may have. However, if the other side were to get power, he is likely the primary target. That doesn’t mean he’s toast, as he could easily win the Power of Veto on any given week, but I’d be lying if I said that I would be shocked if he ended up dying on the sword for Holly based on some of the things he’s said in the house. He probably will take that hit and leave in the next few weeks, but he’s certainly capable enough in competitions to make some sort of run happen. And if his allies win competitions, they might be too afraid to take the shots that they probably need to. Jackson has made himself to be a massive threat but, because of the numbers, I wouldn’t say that he’s dead in the water, not in the least.

4. Nicole Anthony

While Nicole doesn’t hold any power in the game, I think she’s subtly been planting seeds and doing good work to keep herself out of the lime light. I love that she threw Tommy under the bus to Holly and Jackson. She has got them thinking that perhaps he needs to be targeted sooner than later. I also love how playful and fun she’s been with the whole house but particularly with Jackson this week, which I think has earned her some good favor with her final four partners in him, Holly and Cliff. Cliff has her back to the very end of this game. Nick does too, and the fact that he’s probably going home is not great for her, but I think she can recuperate. Nicole still has ties with Jess and her final four alliance puts her in a good spot. Best of all, nobody is coming for her. Worst case scenario for Nicole would be if she were to be named as a pawn but I think she’d stay against just about anyone. Nobody is after her as they aren’t threatened. I do think she needs to start winning some stuff however to pad her resume for the finals if she wants a real shot at winning this game. I think she’s great, but I don’t know how the jury will feel if she continues to bottom feed her way to the end.

3. Tommy Bracco

Tommy’s game has taken a hit this week no doubt about it. Losing Christie or Nick is bad for him, just as losing Christie or Analyse Talavera was last week. Unfortunately, his game has been exposed somewhat by Nicole as well too. And if Nick is smart, he’ll do some work to further bury Tommy if he wants any chance at staying in this game. Don’t get me wrong, he’s still well positioned and very capable both physically and mentally, but he’s not in the strong spot he was in just a few weeks ago when he was Head of Household. It’s not hard to imagine him reclaiming a strong position, especially if strong players like Jackson or Cliff were to be taken out. But just the mere fact that people are seeing what he’s doing and that he’s a strong contender in this game is not great, especially since there’s still plenty of time to take him out before it gets down to the wire. It’s all going to come down to how well he’s able to turn on the charm down the stretch.

2. Cliff Hogg III


It’s actually quite astounding how Cliff crawled from the bottom to the position he’s in now. I’m impressed. I’ll continue to say that I worry about his chances in the endgame, but for the time being, everyone likes and trusts him. I think most of them are smart enough to know that they need to take him out before it’s too late, but there’s Jessica, so who knows. He’s done a masterful job of being patient throughout this game and waiting for opportunities to arise and pounce on them. Cliff has slowly formed bonds and made deals that has secured himself a spot through the final seven at least. I don’t anticipate him being a target as the upcoming Tommy and Christie versus Jackson and Holly war is likely to take center stage. A stray bullet could come his way but it’s pretty unlikely given how clearly threatening both duos are in comparison to the duo of him and Nicole who have not really won much of anything. He just needs to keep doing what he’s doing for a few more weeks.

1. Holly Allen

Again, I think Holly maintains the strongest spot in the house. As current Head of Household, she made her target known and is likely going to be taking him out this Thursday. I don’t know that it’s smarter to take Nick out over Christie, but either way a roadblock in her way is being removed. She’s used her power to make good bonds with Cliff and Nicole and has solidified their final four. I think one of the things I like best about Holly is that she’s never really gotten HoHitis, despite being in power twice now. She’s never gotten too confident and has been on edge and nervously considering options, and how they’ll affect the future. I think she’s done a great job keeping a clear vision and being careful with what she says and does throughout the game. It’s hard to see how she might go home in the next few weeks, but things are very fluid and if Jackson were to win a Veto, and protect himself, she could go out. More than likely though, he’d be taken out first, and in some ways I think that could be beneficial to her game in both the short and long term.

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