Big Brother 21 Episode 27 Recap:Prankster Shares Half HOH Power

After a perfect score in the Prank Shot Head of Household (HOH) competition, Holly Allen wasn’t exactly thrilled with her most recent Big Brother 21 win. While most would be ecstatic for such a late-game domination, Holly’s HOH week isn’t going to be so typical because it’s prank week inside the Big Brother house. The pranks started with a false narrative by production which caused hours of studying bird calls all for nothing for the remaining eight houseguests.

Big Brother 21 Holly Allen

Tonight, we will find out which houseguest won America’s vote for prankster. This win will give one houseguest half of Holly’s HOH power for the week with the ability to secretly nominate the second houseguest to the block. If, by chance, that nominee is taken off the block by the Power of Veto (POV), the prankster gets to secretly name the replacement as well. No wonder Holly wasn’t as thrilled as expected when winning HOH late-game.

Week Nine America’s Prankster Revealed

Before the prankster is revealed, the three houseguests with the lowest scores in the HOH competition must be punished during prank week. Those three houseguests are Cliff Hogg III, Nicole Anthony and Jessica Milagros. Their first punishment is a tasty one. They must make whipped cream pie and smash it in their own face. Good times! Next, they had to throw pies in each other’s faces. Pie smashing continued in various ways for quite a while, even throughout the night.

Big Brother 21

In the middle of the night, Big Brother woke everyone up and advised them to head to the bathroom immediately. GOTCHA! Prank week continues and the houseguests are instructed to head to the living room instead. Once there, the houseguests are notified that the secret prankster, as voted by fans, will nominate one of the two block nominees this week. The reaction did not look good from many of the houseguests. The prankster will be notified soon.

Nick Maccarone is notified that he won America’s prankster and is over the moon. He believes that even if he does go up on the block this week, he will be able to chose who he sits next to on the block. After the fiasco with Taco Tuesday and the way Christie blew up his game, choosing her is looking very good to Nick.

He plans on keeping this completely secret from the other houseguests and plans on diverting attention away from him at all costs. However, Nick made a major faux pas while speaking with Nicole. He said he can’t win sitting next to Christie on the block. Nicole immediately realized Nick would have no way of knowing that he would be on the block next to Christie unless he was the prankster. He empathetically denied being the prankster, but Nicole didn’t seem to buy it.

Week Nine Deals & Targets

Holly is clear that she wants to target Nick for eviction this week. He is too big of a threat to stay in the game any longer. She also can use Christie Murphy as as a pawn because Christie offered that as an option to Holly and Jackson Michie last week to save her from eviction. Little does Holly know that she only gets one nomination to the block this week. That news is still to come.

Big Brother 21 Christie Murphy

Christie did not take the news very well from Holly that she was going to be used as a pawn this week. She told Holly that she didn’t think they would pay that card this soon in the Big Brother game. Holly and Michie were quite perturbed that Christie was backtracking on their deal already.

Cliff and Nicole are very pleased with Holly’s win as they have been getting closer and closer with Holly and her showmance partner, Michie. Cliff has made sure to protect Nicole is any of his deals made in the Big Brother game. Although Jessica was in an alliance with Cliff and Nicole, Cliff is not as concerned with protecting Jessica.

Week Nine Block Nominees

At the Nominations ceremony, Holly chose to pick Nick. She said she commended his powerful play in the Big Brother game. America’s prankster picked Christie to put on the block. This played out well for Holly as Christie was going to be her pawn nominee anyway.

Big Brother 21

Join us again Wednesday, August 28 at 8 PM EST/ 7 PM CST for the Power of Veto competition and the return of Zingbot!

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