Big Brother 21 Live Feeds Spoilers Day 67: ZingBot’s Arrival

We finally had the much anticipated Big Brother Zingbot Veto competition. This week’s competition had an extra dose of excitement with the Prankster twist. America gave Nick Maccarone the power to take over one of Holly Allen’s nominations and nominate someone himself. He could also name that nominee’s replacement, if she won the Power of Veto.

He decided to strike his old nemesis Christie Murphy. Now that Nick executed one part of his plan to stay, he just needed to win the Power of Veto. He tried and failed because the new comp beast Jackson Michie once again took a win for his team.

Immediately, Nick let Jackson know that he was the Prankster. He told Jackson that he didn’t need to win the Veto, because he never planned to put him on the block (as Prankster). Then Jackson told Holly that Nick got the power from America, and Nick told Nicole Anthony and Tommy Bracco.

He also told Nicole that he might use the power to leverage his place in the game. Following the Veto competition, Nick also asked Jackson if he would use the Veto. He said he wouldn’t because he couldn’t do that during Holly’s Head of Household. Nick knew he had to work on getting Tommy and Cliff Hogg III’s votes if he wanted to stay. Cliff had no intention of breaking his new final four with Holly and Jackson. They were also pretty loyal to the new foursome, Nicole not so much.

She wanted to try to get Nick to stay in the game over Christie. She worried about Tommy and her, and saw this week’s eviction as an opportunity to keep an ally and get rid of a game enemy.She just has a long road ahead to change people’s minds about keeping Christie and evicting Nick.

The houseguests also discussed their zings.

Jessica Milagros’s zing was about her being boring.
Jackson’s zing called him a douchebag and mentioned playing checkers, not chess
Holly got called an old buzzard
Nicole got called a lonely loser
Nick was zinged about his hair
Christie about her eating habits
Cliff about his weight
Tommy about him being an attention whore

So overall, some weak zings this year, but we’ll get to see the full effect of them on Wednesday.

Jackson and Nicole engaged in a pieing war, where they ran around pieing and trying to pie each other. Meanwhile, Tommy encouraged Nick to try to get Christie off the block by promising to do whatever Jackson and Holly wanted. He said he had already promised Christie his vote and couldn’t vote against her.

Essentially Tommy told Nick that he had no hope of staying if he was up against Christie this week. Nick pitched to Jackson about removing Christie and putting up Jess, he thought Nick’s pitch made some points but he couldn’t go against Holly’s wishes. Holly really wanted Nick out to build her resume and he was clearly coming after her.

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