Big Brother 21 Spoilers: Week 9 Block Nominations (8/23/19)

It’s an interesting week to be Head of Household, because CBS has unleashed the latest twist: Prank Week. This means that you can’t exactly trust Big Brother to do what he says or what it seems like he says. We witnessed the first portion of Big Brother 21 Prank Week when the houseguests thought they needed to study bird sounds for the Head of Household competition. They were wrong.

Big Brother Nominations

They needed to know how to roll a ball down a long ramp. Holly Allen showed expert skill with this competition and became this week’s Big Brother 21 Head of Household. However, it wouldn’t be an easy week with the Big Brother Prankster there to cause chaos for Holly and the houseguests.

For the last 24-hours, the viewing public chose who to grant the Prankster power to. They picked Holly’s target, Nick Maccarone. This means Nick has the power to name one of the nominees this week. Holly originally planned to nominate Nick and Christie Murphy, but with only one nomination, she plans to just nominate Nick. Nick was torn between nominating Jessica Milagros, Christie, and Jackson Michie.

So who did Holly and Nick nominate for eviction this Big Brother 21 week?



Holly nominated Nick. The Prankster nominated Christie. 


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