Big Brother 13 Cast Shocker: Major SPOILER ALERT!

Last night, while we here at were watching the Big Brother live feeds, a mystery happened in the Big Brother 13 house. For some strange reason, one of the houseguests had vanished was nowhere to be seen. All the houseguests were very worked up over this disappearance but no one could get anything about it out of the Big Brother people. Now, this morning, we have learned something huge has happened in the Big Brother 13 house that will totally change the whole game!

Click next to the SPOILER ALERT below to find out what huge game changing event happened in the Big Brother 13 house last night!

[spoiler name=”HUGE SPOILER!”]

Last night while we were watching the live feeds, we learned from the houseguests, including his daughter Daniele, that Evel Dick had gone into the Diary Room four hours before the live feeds kicked off. (Check out our evening feed review here.)

By the time midnight rolled around, everyone in the Big Brother house was getting a bit freaked out by the vanishing of Evel Dick. Daniele, Dick’s daughter, was seriously pissed off that the Big Brother powers-that-be would not tell her what was going on.

This morning, we learned that Evel Dick has LEFT Big Brother 13 for “personal reasons.” On the BB13 fans sites there is a bit of rumor going around that he was thrown out because he posted a video about being on Big Brother 13 on his website, Since the video was not posted to the site until after it was already announced he was in the house, we don’t really think he would get thrown off the show for that. (We have posted the video below, warning NSFW language.)

We really, really want to know why Evel Dick is gone, however, since in the video he seemed very eager to get in and play the game to win for a second time. So what “personal reasons” might have changed his mind? If he did indeed leave of his own free will?

Losing Evel Dick is definately a game changer for the Big Brother 2011 season. Because of his mysterious departure, his ‘duo’ partner, daughter Daniele has earned the first Golden Key of the contest. As a result, she will be safe from elimination until the final ten contestants are left. She will not, however, be allowed to participate in the competitions to help our her alliance.

We do expect there will still be an elimination this week even though the house is already a player down.

I have to say, even though Evel Dick is definately not to everyone’s taste, I think not having hin on the show is going to reduce the fun factor of this season a bit. I was really looking forward to him tearing some of the other contestants into tiny little pieces with that mouth of his.

Oh well. Of course, you never know with Big Brother, Evel Dick could show up again just as suddenly as he vanished. That’s just the way things work on BB!


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