Big Brother 22: Power Rankings – Week #1

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It’s Big Brother All Stars, and as usual we’ve got your weekly rankings. I’ll go through each houseguest and rank their position in the game from top to bottom, along with some comments on where their game is. Please share your thoughts and let us know if you agree. Let’s jump right in, shall we?

16. Keesha Smith

I’m devastated to see Keesha probably going out this week. She was probably the person I was most excited to see but she’s just been too timid about campaigning for herself. I think she could secure the votes if she fought harder, but Janelle has been doing more campaigning than she has, and that’s not a good sign. There’s still a glimmer of hope but it’s waning. The saddest part is that I think if she stayed she could really get her feet under her and go deep but I’m not sure that’s going to happen.

15. Kevin Campbell

Kevin is by no means safe, things could shift around. And I think he’s extremely likely to be a pawn in future weeks now that he’s been on the block once. He’s been pretty emotional this week and I think that’s drawn some people in and turned some people off. Being a Have Not I think has actually helped him get in good with Nicole A and Ian. His reads are all over the place thought and he needs to realize that he is not in a strong spot with a majority of the houseguests or else he’ll end up doing their bidding in the weeks to come and eventually being disposed of.


​Episode 2 | Safety Suite Winner: Kaysar (+1: Janelle) | Nominees: Keesha And Kevin
Source: CBS Big Brother 22

14. Janelle Pierzina

You hate to see it. There’s something about Janelle that just always makes people nervous, intimidated and jealous. While I think on a personal level mostly everyone likes her, they don’t necessarily want to play with her. I don’t completely understand why because she has a great reputation as a fiercely loyal ally. I’m just hoping she or Kaysar can win some competitions and corral together some allies, because right now they’ve only really got Keesha and she’s more than likely headed out the door on Thursday.

13. Ian Terry

I think Ian is doing as well as he could be right now, but his reputation precedes him. There are quite a few people clocking him for being such a good player and someone who could go deep without having to do much. They’re right, he’s dangerous. I can easily see him being a target for a number of them because he’s simply too big of a threat. Once they stop playing so scared, they’ll want to go for some of the big names, and he’s one of the biggest names even if he doesn’t always seem like it. I’m not sure where he sees himself in the game but he’s surely smart enough to know that the Tyler’s, Christmas’ and Cody’s of the world aren’t really on his side.

12. Kaysar Ridha

Kaysar has wavering between having a great read on things in the house, to overthinking everything. He’s calmed down a little over the past few days but many people are anxious about him. I think most of them love him as a person and think he’s a great guy (how can you not?) but especially with the stigma of him having gone for the Safety Suite, I’m not sure how much they all want to work alongside him and Janelle. If I was in that house, I’d be signing up right away, but alas the houseguests in there are leery of Kaysar, and his ties to Janelle.

Nicole Anthony (Season 21)
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11. Nicole Anthony

I can’t help but love Nicole Anthony, but man I feel like she needs to get out of that Have Not room because she is not seeing things clearly in this house at all. Perhaps some of it was that she was sick half of the week, but Janelle has really been trying to get in with her and she doubts her authenticity for some reason. Girl, you need to work with Janelle. Nicole Franzel and Dani do want to target you. Cody may very well have put you up if Kevin or Keesha won the Power of Veto. She doesn’t know these things and she’s so obsessed with not being left out of something massive. I think she just needs some time to see things more clearly. A lot of them do, honestly.

10. David Alexander

While he’s not an immediate target, David is not playing all that well. He constantly avoids or squashes game talk when people try to bring it up, he’s much more interested in small talk and bullshit. I don’t really get it. Does he even want to be there? He seemed to see what was going on so well last year and he’s just not right now and he’s not even all that enthused to play. It’s odd. Maybe he’ll get his head out of his ass and play a bit harder, but I don’t really know. I kind of think he could see things so clearly last year because he was not in the game. Now that he’s in it, he can’t see the forest through the trees.

09. Nicole Franzel

What a mess. She’s spiraling out of control without a showmance in there. I hate to be like that, but she was much more composed in her last two runs. She does not have that this time, not at all. I think her allies are already wearing thin with her insecurities and meltdowns. When the opposition wins or when it comes time to eat their own, I think Nicole F will be an easy sacrifice. I wouldn’t be surprised to see her be a big target for any of the people not working with one of these four person alliances that have been formed throughout this weeks. She’s involved in a lot of alliances but the only person I think that will really stick by her is Dani at this point, and maybe Cody.

Memphis Garrett (Season 10)
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08. Memphis Garrett

Memphis is kind of up and down, where I feel like everyone is loving him and wanting to work with him at times, and other times where they see him as grumpy and are keenly observing his tightness with Cody. I think he’s done himself no favors not fighting harder for Keesha or trying to work with Janelle and Kaysar, because I think most of the others are happy to put him on the block and vote him out unless they feel he has their back, and so few of them have a reason to.

07. Dani Briones

I came into this season wanting to root for Dani so hard, but she’s kind of left a little bit of a sour taste this week. I get that she’s slow playing it at this point, but she’s really boxing herself in with some of the alliances she’s making. I don’t love the idea of her working with Tyler, Cody, Enzo, and Nicole F. I think she’s easily on the outside of that, and she needs to play both sides a little harder. Right now, I think people see her as someone they can rely on, but she really should keep her options open because anyone can win power. If she and Nicole F continue to be seen as a tight duo, that’s not great. I would hope Dani would stay in that scenario but Dani is a strong, intimidating player and I think people might not want to pass up an opportunity to take out a strong player like her if they get the chance.

06. Tyler Crispen

He’s been pretty low-key this week. I know he’s made some final two deals but they don’t seem all that locked in from what I’ve seen. Many of them do like him and want to work with him, but he’s also been highlighted as a strong player and someone who’s working with some of the guys. I think he’s going to have a much harder time getting through this game compared to last time. I guess we’ll finally see if he’s as good of a player as people said two summers ago with his back possibly against the wall more than it ever was back then.

Episode 1│HOH: Cody
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05. Christmas Abbott

I like the position Christmas is in. I anticipated her struggling much more than she is right now, but she’s making some good bonds and is someone that a lot of people are considering for their alliances. Part of that might be due to her physicality but I think she’s done a good job at not committing to anything too much so far. I think the biggest thing for her is going to be having duos in front of her that need to go more, because there are so many pairs and she doesn’t really have one.

04. Da’Vonne Rogers

I’ve got to admit I’m a little disappointed. Da’Vonne has been doing some good things, she’s been very calm and cool. I think she’s done a good job at being someone that people can come to for comfort and a good chat. My biggest problem is that I think she is not seeing the landscape of the house all that clearly. She didn’t think that Janelle and Kaysar were the targets this week? I feel like it’s pretty obvious at this point. I need her to have a little bit of an awakening in terms of where people stand. She’s in a fine spot and I think she knows that, but I do want her to be able to plan a few steps ahead and to do that she needs a better overall picture of the game.

03. Cody Calafiore

While I think he had a cowardly and lame Head of Household week, he’s in a decent spot. Being in power has made him an easy person for people to want to include in their alliance plans, so that’s not all his doing. I think it’ll be more interesting to see how he does when he’s back downstairs with everyone else. If I were him, I’d keep a low profile, throw some competitions, and let other people and duos come to the forefront. Because if he doesn’t, he may be one of the first of his group to be put up simply because he is a physical threat and has some good relationships. Even if he goes up though, I think he has decent protection around him.

Bayleigh Dayton (Season 20)
Source: CBS Big Brother 22

02. Bayleigh Dayton

Bayleigh has really impressed me. I realize that in Big Brother 20 she had a strong social game, until she won Head of Household and tanked her game, but I guess I forgot. She’s doing very well: everyone likes her and many of them want to work with her, and I think she’s also not seen as much of a threat. Obviously, the biggest issue is what happens if and when she wins power. If she lets it get to her head, we could see a repeat performance. She needs to stay grounded and I hope allies like Da’Vonne, and Janelle can do that. She is sort of with a lot of them but at a comfortable distance, and that’s a good place to be.

01. Enzo Palumbo

I sort of expected Enzo to do well, but I wasn’t sure that I’d rank I’m at the top this early. It’s crazy how everyone seems to want to work with him. And nobody is going to target him for a long time. Despite him winning the Power of Veto this week, I don’t think anyone has him on their radar. Of course if he becomes an obvious pair with Cody or Memphis or someone then that could stir up trouble for him. But in almost every scenario, he’s the lesser threat. I have no doubt that he’s going to make the jury and probably make it a lot further than that, so get used to Enzo because he’ll be around for a while.

That’s a wrap for week one! Share your power rankings with us and your thoughts on ours. We look forward to doing this all summer long. Be sure to follow all the fun along with us @BigBroAccess on Twitter!