Who Won the Power of Veto Tonight on Big Brother 22 (08/12/20)?

We are finishing up the first week inside the Big Brother 22 All-Stars house. Cody Calafiore won the first Head of Household (HOH) competition. When Kayser Ridha won the Safety Suite competition and added Janelle Pierzina to his web of safety fo the week as his “plus one”, Cody was forced to look elsewhere for nominations.

Big Brother 22 Kevin Campbell

Without targeting any of the new school All-Stars, Cody decided to target two in the house that he knew little about to date. He nominated Kevin Campbell and Keesha Smith to the block for eviction this week. Cody shared with members of his alliance that he wanted to target Keesha specifically, but we all know how plans can change quickly inside the Big Brother house. Kick back and relax while we watch tonight’s episode of Big Brother 22 All-Stars and fins out of either Keesha or Kevin can win the Power of Veto (POV) and take their names off the block.

Week One Block Nomination Fallout

Cody reveals that he does feel bad about putting up Keesha and Kevin, but that’s part of the game. Cody tries to do some damage control with Kevin as he wants to potentially work with him further in the game. Janelle wants her and Kayser to lay low as much as possible.

Keesha visited Cody in the HOH suite and revealed to her that she was only picked because Cody didn’t know anything about her. He assured her that this was not personal. Cody promised that Keesha was not his target this week, all the while, he shared in the DR that he wouldn’t care if Keesha went home this week.

On a side note, Ian Terry had a serious conversation with Nicole Anthony, Nicole Franzel, , and Kevin about being on the Autism spectrum. Ian was emotional talking about the backlash he saw online after his win of season 14. His fellow Big Brother 22 houseguests gave him nothing but praise and commended him for what he has accomplished.

Power of Veto Competition

Cody, Keesha, and Kevin are automatically competing in the POV competition this evening. Tyler Crispen’s chip was chosen first. Kevin pulled houseguest choice and selected Enzo Palumbo to play with him. Ian was the final chip chosen to compete.

Da’Vonne Rogers was selected as the host as this POV competition called “It’s Bananas”. The players will start by jumping onto a rather large banana with a saddle called a BB Peelaton. They must rock back and forth for 20 reps to start a 90 second clock. They will stack produce on their basket the highest and in the fastest time than their competitors.

The houseguests are allowed to reset their clock to give them another 90 seconds, but they must do so by rocking for another 20 reps before time runs out. The players are given a 30 minute limit for the competition. Ian and Cody timed out and were eliminated from he competition.

Enzo Palumbo Big Brother 22

Enzo locked in his basket with 18 items stacked on his basket. Kevin had enough to beat Enzo but he forgot about the timer and ran out of time before locking in his score. Keesha’s stack fell at the last minute. In the end, Enzo won the competition with 18 in his basket.

Kevin approached Enzo about using the POV to take him off the block, especially when it was Kevin that picked Enzo to play. Enzo explained to him that he would speak with Cody about the situation. Kevin is aware that Enzo is not making a move Sith Cody’s blessing.

Kevin, being proactive, went and spoke to Cody directly. If Cody takes him off the block, Kevin has promised Cody his plus one in the Safety Suite and not to nominate him if he won HOH. Cody likes the deal, but he does not have anyone else to put on the block in Kevin’s place at the moment.

Late at night, Enzo busted Nicole F. and Ian game talking in the bathroom. Enzo ran to the HOH room to snitch to Cody. Neither Enzo nor Cody trust Ian right now and talk about him possibly being a target for eviction this week.

In the end, Enzo did not use the POV to save either Keesha or Kevin from the block. Tune in tomorrow evening, August 13th at 8 PM EST/ 7 PM CST to see the first live eviction from the Big Brother house.

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