Big Brother 22 Poll: Who Do You Want To See Win HOH In Week 3?

For the past two weeks, the currently unnamed power six alliance of Cody Calafiore, Memphis Garrett, Daniele Donato-Briones, Tyler Crispen, Nicole Franzel, and Christmas Abbott have been in power. The new Hit-Renegades have dominated competitions and could be on a fast track to the final two. Janelle Pierzina and Kaysar Ridha are at the bottom of the Big Brother 22 totem pole and very much need a win to stay in the game and take down the power alliance.

Janelle Pierzina

Da’Vonne Rogers, Bayleigh Dayton, Ian Terry, Kevin Campbell, Enzo Palumbo, Nicole Anthony, and David Alexander are not firmly on either side (and David or Nicole will be leaving later today), but Enzo is loyal to Cody, so he’ll do whatever Cody wants if he wins power. It’s basically a do-or-die week for Janelle and Kaysar, because nearly everyone will put them on the block this week. The only chance of safety for them is with a Head of Household victory.

If anyone but Janelle or Kaysar win, then expect to see both or at least one of them on the block this week. Bayleigh and Da’Vonne may not nominate them, but that’s becoming less likely by the moment. Kaysar and Janelle will target Cody and Nicole F if they win power. For a possible exciting week, I need Janelle or Kaysar to win HOH, but yesterday, the houseguests got to practice for the HOH competition, and it will very much be a luck-based competition. The Big Brother Gods may not be on my side this week.

So which houseguest do you hope has all the luck this week?? Vote below to let us know.

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