Big Brother 24 Recap Episode 2: Block Nominations

On premiere night, Daniel Durston became the first Head of Household for the Big Brother 24 season. Daniel was not the only houseguest with power in the first week. Joe “Pooch” Pucciarelli randomly selected the Backstage Boss Pass which gave him unique powers as well that could drastically affect the Big Brother game later this week.

Daniel Durston of Big Brother 24

This evening, Daniel will make the first block nominations in the Big Brother 24 game. In addition, we should get more detailed information about the Backstage Pass and the implications it may have on the game. We will also see how the houseguests settled into their new home on premiere night and what, if any, alliances have formed inside the house so far.

Premier Night Twists For Big Brother 24

As the Big Brother mantra goes, “expect the unexpected”.  On premiere night, Big Brother handed out twists and turns like never before. We still don’t know all the ramifications, but here is what we know so far.

Pooch randomly selected the Backstage Boss which made him exempt from competing in any of the BB Fest competitions on premiere night. The pass immediately granted Pooch safety for the week which sounds great, but the pass came with a price.

Pooch was not permitted to compete in the Power of Veto competition, and in addition, he had to choose three houseguests to join him backstage. These houseguests are also not allowed to compete in any competitions. The worst news was that they were not completely granted safety like Pooch. The three houseguests could be evicted during the first week, but they could not be nominated to the block for eviction. Details to follow according to host Julie Chen.

Big Brother 24 Premiere Episode-Backstage Pass

Pooch tried to be fair with his selections, and he choose the three houseguests who performed the worst in the three BB Fest competitions. They were as follows: Alyssa Snider, Paloma Aguilar, and Brittany Hoopes.

America’s Vote Starts Early

There was a small ray of hope for the three selections made by Pooch joining him backstage. One of them could be saved by America’s Vote which opened up immediately at the end of the premiere episode. The houseguest to gain the most votes would be safe from elimination in the first week of Big Brother 24.

Have-Nots Selected For Week One

The have-nots must take cold showers, eat only Big Brother slop, and endure the BB Motel room all week. HOH Daniel was tasked with selecting the first have-nots. HOH nor the Backstage Boss and pass holders can be selected. They are as follows: Michael Bruner, Monte Taylor, Joseph Abdin, and Kyle Capener volunteered for the have-nots this week.

Big Brother 24 Kyle Capener

Big Brother Alliances Begin To Form

Daniel and Nicole Layog hit it off in the Big Brother house immediately. They have already made a final two pact, and they have named their alliance the Rogue Rats. They plan to lay low this season and quietly make their way to the end of Big Brother 24. Alyssa and Paloma made another final two pact in the game.

Six of the females in the Big Brother 24 house made an alliance together. The members included Alyssa, Paloma, Brittany, Ameerah Jones, Indy Santos, and Jasmine Davis. They named their alliance Girls, Girls. Ironically, two of the girls from the Big Brother 24 house were notably missing from this alliance, Nicole and Taylor Hale.

Big Brother 24 Week One Block Nominations

At the first block nomination ceremony, HOH Daniel nominated Terrance Higgins and Michael to the block for eviction. Michael is the primary target because Daniel thinks that Michael is a super-fan of the game. Daniel tried to explain away his nominations by saying Terrane and Michael spoke the least with him about the game. Michael knew this was total BS.

Now, Terrance and Michael have the opportunity to save their game by winning the Power of Veto competition to be held later this week. Visit us again on Wednesday, July 13 at 8 PM EST for a live recap of the next episode with results from the POV competition.

Big Brother 24 with Julie Chen

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