Big Brother 24 Spoilers: Week 1 Block Nominations (07/8/22)

Big Brother 24 has been a very busy season, thus far. It’s only been two days since the premiere episode but feels like it’s been a whole month. Head of Household Daniel Durston has been trying to balance getting to know the houseguests with trying to figure out who to target. He’s been really struggling with the finding a target part of this week.

Big Brother Nominations

Most of the Big Brother Live Feeds for today involved Daniel having one-on-one conversations to find out who to target and try to get some protection for himself going into next week. Daniel’s been making alliances, but his ride-or-die final two seems to be with Nicole Layog. He’s also got a three-person alliance with Matt Turner and Joe “Pooch” Pucciarelli. This alliance has been extended to include more of the male players.

Daniel has been worried about being targeted because of his size, so he seems to not want to create a trend where the house targets the big male players. He wants to take the easy way with nominations. He wants the ones that will cause fewer waves.

He had narrowed his selection to Indy Santos, Taylor Hale, Terrance Higgins, and Michael Bruner. Eventually, he focused on nominating Michael and Terrance. He was still in the process of making his decision when the feeds were cut for the nomination ceremony. 

This means he could change his mind, but going into the ceremony, Terrance and Michael seemed like locked nominees. So who did Daniel nominate?



Daniel nominated Terrance and Michael for eviction.

This may be one of those weeks where the Veto and/or any twist plays a major role in who stays or goes home. The house and Daniel don’t seem completely convinced about who needs to go home this week.

The Power of Veto Competition should play out tomorrow. It could be interesting if Terrance or Michael win and shake up the game even more.

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