Big Brother 24 Recap Episode 1: Premiere Night

Tonight is the night the Big Brother fandom has been waiting for quite some time now…it’s premiere night for Big Brother 24. Sixteen fresh, new faces will be moving into the Big Brother house, and we will be right there to recap all of the action. This premiere episode will be 90 minutes long, giving Big Brother fans extra time to get to know the new cast.

Big Brother 24 with Julie Chen

The quintessential host, Julie Chen, is back for this 82-day season. The finale will air on September 25 on CBS. Don’t forget to support Big Brother Access by subscribing to Paramount + to follow the live feeds all season long.

The Big Brother 24 house has been transformed into the BB Motel. Julie shared that this will be an over-the-top festival-themed summer for Big Brother. This season will be called BB Fest. One winner will be crowned at the end and will win $750,000.

Big Brother 24 Houseguests Move Into the House

Paloma Aguilar, Monte Taylor, Jasmine Davis, and Kyle Capener are the first four houseguests to enter the Big Brother 24 house. Julie welcomed them to enter the house and find a BB Fest ticket located at one of four stations.

The Big Brother 24 house has a retro, Palm Springs feel about it this season. The decor is 50’s style with lots of colors.

Each houseguest obtained their BB Fest ticket and moved to the back yard. There, Julie advised that their ticket would grant them access to either the Port-A-Potty, the Piercing Tent or the Merch Stand. Once their ticket was scanned, their access will was revealed.

Once all 16 houseguests entered the house and received their BB fest tickets, the competition at each station began. There was one BB Fest ticket that will grant its holder the backstage boss. Details will be revealed later.

The next set of houseguests to enter the Big Brother 24 house were Alyssa Snider, Daniel Durston, Michael Bruner, and Taylor Hale.

The third set entering the Big Brother house were Nicole Layog, Matt Turner, Joseph Abdin, and Brittany Hoopes.

Ameerah Jones, Indy Santos, Joe Pucciarelli, and Terrance Higgins were the last four houseguests to enter the Big Brother 24 house and obtain their BB Fest tickets.

Three Big Brother Competitions To Determine Finalists

The houseguests were positioned at the three different stations and competed against one another at each station. The three winners advanced to the main stage. Pooch won the Backstage Boss pass and will not compete this evening in the HOH competition.

The first competition was between the Port-A-Potty ticket holders which included Paloma, Monte, Nicole, Jasmine, and Kyle. This competition was called Potty Talk. While listening to festival-goers outside the Port-A-Pottys, the houseguests had to decide which word was said the most, one, two, or three. That continued for four rounds. Monte won the Port-A-Potty competition.

Big Brother 24 Porta Potty

At the Piercing Tent, Taylor, Terrance, Brittany, Turner, and Brittany were fighting for this spot. This competition was called Piercing Panic. The houseguests had to attach 10 different pieces of jewelry to their faces following the diagram at the tent. The first to do so correctly wins this competition. Turner won this competition.

Big Brother 24 Piercing Tent

The Merch Stand was where the final competition took place. Alyssa, Daniel, Indy, Michael, and Ameerah are the final 5 competitors. This competition was called Hanging Tough. The houseguests must hang onto a t-shirt hanging above them. The winner is the houseguest left last hanging on. The winner was Daniel for hanging on the longest.

Big Brother 24 Merch Stand

Week One Head Of Household Competition

Now, Daniel, Monte, and Turner competed against one another for the first Head of Household (HOH) competition. This competition was called Drumming For Power. The first to assemble their drum set puzzle and hit their buzzer will become the first HOH of the summer. Daniel won the competition.

Big Brother 24 HOH Competition

Pooch won the Backstage Boss and he will be safe this week, but he will not be able to vote or compete in any of the competitions. In addition, he must name three houseguests to join him backstage; however, the houseguests he chooses will not be safe this week. They also won’t be voting or competing in the competitions. This is a big power in the first week of the Big Brother 24 game.

Pooch decided to choose Paloma, Alyssa, and Brittany to join him backstage. Julie announced that America’s Vote is taking place in week one. America can grant either Paloma, Alyssa, or Brittany safety this week inside the Big Brother house. You can vote at

Big Brother 24 Backstage Pass

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Big Brother 24


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