Big Brother 20 Spoilers: Live Feeds Day 24 Highlights: You Mad, Bro?

Yesterday, Big Brother 20 had one of its most eventful days ever. It began with the last Big Brother App Store power and punishment apps being given out. We now know that Haleigh Broucher received the crap app; Bayleigh Dayton got the power app.

Big Brother 20 Winston Hines

Haleigh’s crap app, “Read It!,” involves her dressing up to read the entire Hamlet play to the other Big Brother houseguests. This should be fun for about five minutes, before Haleigh and others get annoyed with it.

Bayleigh decided to only tell Faysal Shafaat about her BB App Store power. She picked “Identity Thief” which involves making the intial nominations. The Head of Household must claim that these are his or her nominations, and Bayleigh can use this power up until the final 8 players.

Bayleigh and Haleigh’s app rewards and punishment wasn’t even remotely the biggest story of the day. Scottie Salton made his nominations, and Winston Hines lost it.

Big Brother 20 Bayleigh Dayton and Faysal Shafaat

Winston went into full rage mode. He discussed several times trying to control himself so that he didn’t physically harm Scottie. He then told Scottie that if he stayed this week, he was coming after him. He would target and evict Scottie next week.

Brett Robinson was a lot more calm and cool about his nominations, but he was clearly feeling the pressure. Scottie sees Brett as a much more dangerous player. He even compared him to Paul Abrahamian. Therefore Scottie wants Brett out this week, but everyone else wants Winston out of the Big Brother house.Big Brother 20 Brett Robinson and Scottie Salton

Today’s Big Brother 20 Power of Veto competition will really determine how the rest of this week plays out. Scottie was planning to put Kaitlyn Herman up on the block as a replacement nominee if Brett or Winston won the Veto.

However, Sam Bledsoe volunteered to go up as the replacement nominee. Both Tyler Crispen and Scottie didn’t like this idea, but Sam tried to get them to promise to nominate her. Sam doesn’t want to leave the power to chance. It expires next week, and whoever gets evicted that week automatically gets a chance to compete to return to the game.

Big Brother Sam Bledsoe

Sam has already said that she wouldn’t use it on Brett or Winston, but she would rather get evicted this week to use it. She said that she would only use it to save Tyler, Scottie, Kaycee Clark, Kaitlyn, or herself.

If Kaitlyn ends up on the block next to one of the bros, she has a good chance of being evicted and returning via Sam’s power. We are definitely in for an exciting, crazy Big Brother 20 week.

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